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Hertz Announces New Plans for Global Headquarters

Hertz logoJust this week, Hertz announced plans about the new global headquarters that it is building in Estero, Fla. Hertz says that this will be a one-of-a-kind headquarters that will be a key element in its global plans.

When speaking about the new global headquarters, the chairman and chief executive officer of Hertz, Mark P. Frissora, said that this new building will be a sustainable one-of-a-kind building. It will allow Hertz to create the very best work environment for all of its employees. Hertz also believes that this new building will aid in the recruitment of the best talent in the nation. All of this will be done while still being able to support cultural changes at Hertz.

Frissora added that this campus is designed with the idea of leading a global rebranding program. Once this building is complete, it will achieve the goal of bringing Thrifty, Dollar and Hertz employees together in one area. On top of this, Hertz believes that this new headquarters will help Southwest Florida reach its economic development goals. Thus, this is not just a big deal for Hertz but for Florida as well.

The rebranding effort that Frissora speaks of is a commitment made by the company to minimize its own environmental footprint. It will do this by improving efficiency and using renewable energy. This is a goal that Hertz believes all large companies should be trying to achieve.

The new headquarters that is being built will aim to receive a LEED Gold Certification. This is a certification that is only given out to the most environmentally friendly buildings. Hertz is hoping to get this rating by using energy-efficient lights, recycling building materials, using water-saving fixtures and even installing solar panels on the roof so that the company can produce some of its own power.

Hertz also worked with the community to find out what it wanted from the Hertz headquarters. For example, this headquarters is going to be 10 percent shorter than what zoning allows. This is because community members had concerns about the building being too big. Hertz wanted community members to help participate in the design of this new building.

This headquarters also means that nearly 700 more jobs will be created in this area. Nearly 400 of these jobs are going to be filled locally. The remaining 300 will be filled by other Hertz employees who will be relocating to Florida. This is great news for people in Florida who have been struggling to get the economy moving again. People are travelling less, and that puts a strain on Florida’s overall economy. Creating new jobs is the first step in getting the ball rolling again.

The completion date on this building has yet to be announced. However, it appears that Hertz is entering into the final stages of planning. This means that the company should begin work on building this new headquarters sometime next year. For the time being, Hertz is using a temporary office for its headquarters.



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