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Hertz Announces the 2014 Chevrolet Spark for Certain Locations

2014 Chevrolet SparkHertz is always looking for the next big thing to add to its fleet of car rentals. In the spirit of that, the Hertz Corporation has announced that it will be adding another electric vehicle to its fleet soon. This time it will be the top-selected electric car, according to the Fuel Economy Guide, which is the 2014 Chevrolet Spark. This car is perfect for people who are looking to get great fuel economy.

To start with, the Chevrolet Spark is not going to be available everywhere. Hertz has announced that the Spark will initially be launched in airports in Los Angeles and San Francisco. It will also be located at a few other Hertz facilities throughout California. Depending on how well the car is received, it will continue to move the car to other places around the United States, and possibly the world.

The 2014 Fuel Economy Guide, which is released by the Energy Department and the Environmental Protection Agency, said that the 2014 model of the Chevrolet Spark is the most fuel-efficient vehicle around. This car is able to achieve an amazing 128 mpg city and 109 mpg highway. It gets more mileage in the city because it runs mostly on electricity. This gives the car an average of around 119 mpg.

Mark P. Frissora, the chairman and CEO of Hertz, said that the company is always looking for new opportunities and ways to improve what it has to offer customers. This includes offering more sustainability. This is why Hertz is pleased to be offering consumers this year’s most fuel-efficient car on the market.

Frissora added that in addition to Hertz’s Green Traveler Collection, the company aims to include sustainability in the way it runs its business. This includes building eco-friendly car washes and energy-efficient buildings. Hertz has one of the largest selections of electric vehicles from which to choose. This gives consumers a chance not only to rent green but to have choice when doing it.

Of course, the Spark is just one example of the many Smart Mobility cars that Hertz offers its renters. Cars in this collection include hybrids and electric vehicles. Hertz says that its Smart Mobility program is just part of its plan to help reduce the environmental impact that driving has on the plant.

That being said, Hertz wants to do this without compromising convenience or the needs of customers. The end goal is for Hertz to offer sustainable mobility that is a smart choice not only for consumers but also for the planet. In doing this, Hertz hopes to set an example for other car rental companies to ensure that they follow suit and do what is right for the environment.



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