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Hertz Brings Dream Cars Program to the United States

Lamborghini AventadorHertz, which is one of the largest car rental companies, has announced that it is going to continue to expand its Hertz Dream Cars program. This is a program that allows people to rent high performance cars that they normally would not find for rent. The goal of this program is for Hertz to completely redefine the premium car rental industry. It plans on expanding this program by bringing it to the United States.

The cars that are offered through this program range from high performance cars to top-of-the-line luxury vehicles. Although this new program will not fit into everyone’s budget, it will offer people who are looking for something “more” a place to rent.

Mark Frissora, who is the chairman of Hertz, said that with the launch of Hertz Dream Cars, the company can give consumers the opportunity to rent the finest cars on the face of the planet. This will allow consumers to travel in style no matter where they go. The experience starts for the consumer when he chooses which car he wants to rent.

Frissora added that the Hertz Dream Cars experience goes beyond just renting the best performing cars on the planet. Hertz has stepped up customer service for this program as well. For example, a Hertz representative will actually meet the consumer at an airport terminal and drop their car off for them. The cars are always delivered in “pristine condition.” When people take part in the Hertz Dream Cars program, they can rest assured that they will be part of a travel experience that they will not soon forget.

To start with, Hertz is offering this program in only 35 different markets around the United States. Of course, this service is going to be offered in areas of the United States that have a market for this kind of program. For example, confirmed locations include Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Depending on how well this program does, Hertz will continue expanding the service to other areas as well.

For now, there are over a dozen different cars to choose from. This does include some of the most upscale Audis and Cadillacs on the market. Of course, Hertz will also be offering elite cars from Tesla and Lamborghini.

As some may have guessed, the price for renting these cars can be on the high side. That being said, the price does depend on the car that the consumer rents. Right now the prices range from $350 a day to more than $1,500. As newer cars are offered, the price will continue to change.

Although this program is being introduced to America right now, it is likely going to be rolled out in other countries that still do not have it.  For now, however, Hertz has remained very tight lipped about where this program will come out next. One thing is for sure, there is a market for this kind of service all over the world.



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