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Hertz Goes Green With New Waterless Car Washes

Hertz logoCompanies all over the world are looking to go “green.” They are doing this for two main reasons: it saves them money to use energy-efficient technology, and it also looks good for public relations. Hertz is sticking to this path by rolling out a new green car washing system at 200 of its rental locations. If this rollout is successful, it will continue to roll out this new waterless car wash system worldwide.

The first step of the plan is to install this new system at 200 stores and get feedback. If it likes what it sees, Hertz will expand this non-toxic car washing system to more than 3,700 locations around Europe and the United States this year. In total, it is believed that this move will save nearly 130 million gallons of water every year.

Not only does this save Hertz money because it will no longer have to pay for 130 million gallons of water, but it will also save money on energy. This water will no longer have to be heated and treated before being used on the cars.

Mark P. Frissora, the current chairman and chief executive of Hertz, said that his company has to manage one of the largest rental fleets in the world. As a result, it spends a lot of time washing and maintaining these cars. By moving to a waterless car washing system, Hertz is addressing two problems at the same time. The company will be addressing sustainability issues and business needs. So far, it has made significant improvements to better the environment in the way that it does business. At the same time, Hertz continues to offer people the cheapest car rentals around.

This new car wash system was created by Green Team Partner, LLC. This company has come up with a new washing process that not only conserves water but also avoids using toxic cleaners. The product that the Green Team Partner came up with is a biodegradable, hyper-concentrated car wash formula. The dispenser of this new formula helps to reduce product volume by an amazing 79 percent. It also results in a 77 percent reduction in shipping costs because it needs less product.

Green Team Partner says that a whole car can be washed with just 6 ounces of solution, and it takes about 8 minutes. This small amount of solution is sprayed onto the car. The molecules from the solution safely lift dirt particles away from the car’s paint. In the end, a high-quality microfiber towel is used to wipe the dirt away from the surface. The company uses a second microfiber towel to polish off the surface.

On top of all this, Hertz is also redesigning a number of its facilities. This involves switching over to LED lights and installing solar power systems to help generate energy. Hertz is focusing on providing the public with eco-friendly cars as well. Nearly 75 percent of Hertz’s whole fleet averages over 28 mpg.



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