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Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Celebrates 3rd Anniversary & Gold Plus Rewards LogosHertz is a leader in the car rental industry, and it is always coming up with industry firsts and schemes that benefit its consumers. One such scheme is Hertz Gold Plus Rewards. This is a loyalty program for Hertz’s most valued customers, and the service is celebrating its three-year anniversary.

Over the past few years, the program has been earning high honours. In fact, it recently won Best Overall Benefits and Best Rewards Program from In 2013, it won the COLLOQUY Loyalty Award, which helps recognize innovations in the industry that are ground breaking.

To help celebrate this anniversary, Hertz announced that it will hold a summer-long promotion that allows both new and existing members to earn double points on all weekly rentals. Giving out a lot of points is something that Hertz does often. In fact, Hertz Gold Plus Rewards gave out more than 1 million points through the summer alone. A lot of this was due to another promotion that Hertz is already running: Double Points on Ancillaries, which lets customers earn double points when using ancillary products such as SiriusXM, PrePay for Fuel and NeverLost on all qualifying car rentals.

Mark P. Frissora, the CEO and chairman of Hertz, said that the customer loyalty program is seen as a first for the industry. When it’s compared to other car rental loyalty programs offered, Hertz Gold Plus Rewards offers easier ways to not only earn points but to redeem them as well. Hertz wants to make this program as flexible as possible. After all, it’s supposed to reward customers who are loyal.

Recently, Hertz made a number of global enhancements to its loyalty program. Now, members are able to earn points on their membership no matter where they rent a car worldwide. It is also a lot easier now for customers to move up in status to enjoy even more benefits. Hertz did this by lowering the threshold that was needed to reach the different levels of the reward system.

Hertz also made other enchantments to its loyalty aerogram. This includes adding quicker enrolment, which allows customers to enrol in the program at any rental counter. It also comes with mobile gold alerts, which sends gold members messages on their phones that include information about their car hires and where they are parked.

Also, Hertz has introduced faster rentals. This allows all gold members to skip going to the counter at nearly 50 airports around the world. At almost 4,000 destinations around the world, gold members can simply show their driver’s license, and then pick up the keys to their rental with no hassle.



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