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Hertz Is Teaming Up With Optimus Limited to Grow Car Rentals in Pakistan

Hertz signHertz is already one of the largest car rental companies in the whole world. That, however, has not stopped it from wanting to expand in places where it does not have a huge presence. To help do this, Hertz has appointed a new General Sales Agent called Optimus Limited. This company is going to help Hertz expand its outbound car rentals from Pakistan to more than 8,800 Hertz locations around the world.

This is a breakthrough in the car rental industry because it marks the first time that a major car hire company has decided to appoint some kind of outbound representative in Pakistan. Hertz sees this as a good move since there has been a very steady rise in outbound travel over the past few years.

Hertz President Michel Taride said that this partnership will help reinforce a new message that Hertz is taking a leadership role in Pakistan. Hertz is looking to expand the services and products that it offers in Pakistan. Hertz wants to do this not only domestically but internationally as well. By doing this, the company is able to meet the growing needs of well-informed travellers.

Currently, Optimus Limited is Pakistan’s leader for all domestic car rentals. As a result, Hertz is going to use Optimus Limited as its Pakistan licensee. Over the years, Optimus Limited has been able to focus on growing outbound car rentals. Since Hertz is already a major travel solutions provider for companies all over the world, the relationship between these two companies is perfect.

Optimus Limited has been able to build up a lot of momentum ever since its start in 2012. It already generates over 12.5 million PKR in direct retail business. Now with this new partnership with Hertz, Optimus Limited is extremely excited about all of the possibilities that have been opened to it.

The chief operation officer for Optimus Limited, Irfan Ahmad, said that with its very extensive customer base, a strong network of locations across Pakistan and alliances with other travel businesses, Hertz will have access to tap into a huge potential. Optimus Limited is very excited to be working with Hertz.

Hertz is hoping that it can meet the growing needs of Pakistani travellers. This goes double for Pakistani business travellers. It will do this with not only its great selection of sedans but with fun and green cars as well. This huge selection of cars allows consumers to book the exact car that they want to fit their needs.

Hertz also wants new customers to know that if they book in advance, they can enjoy big discounts. They are also guaranteed fixed rates at more than 8,800 locations around the world. This makes it easy to go online and book a car no matter what area of the world a traveller is visiting. Best of all, no down payment is needed during the reservation process.



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