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Hertz, Liberty Tire team up for first US-wide Recycling programme

Liberty Tire Recycling logoThe first nationwide tyre recycling programme has been launched for the car hire industry in the US.  This has been made possible with a partnership between The Hertz Corporation and Liberty Tire Recycling.  The tyre recycling firm is the largest in North America, converting used tyres into rubber feedstock and other materials.  These can then be used for many eco-friendly products and services.

One of the products that can be created from rubber feedstock is unique rubber mulch that can be used in landscaping and home gardening projects.  This mulch is non-allergenic and won’t harm children, pets or plants.  On top of this, it resists being washed away during bouts of heavy rain, and it won’t hold insect infestations, fungus growths or mould.  Consumers are also able to save money, as rubber mulch lasts a lot longer than wood mulch.

The rubber feedstock can be used in playground markets and flooring – like kid-friendly mats and safety surfacing to keep children from getting hurt if they fall.  It’s also a key ingredient in new composite cross-ties, a new and green solution for rail tracks – as they last longer, are safer and allow for faster trains and heavier loads.  The material can be used for rubberised asphalt as well, making motorway rides quieter.  Rubberised asphalt also lasts longer and uses less paving material, as the asphalt is laid in a thinner layer.  As many as 8,000 tyres are used to lay asphalt on a single mile of pavement.

Through this partnership, Hertz will leverage the recycling company’s national service to collect used tyres that will be converted into a variety of products for highways, public parks, playgrounds and other things.  The car hire operator’s fleet is the youngest and most diverse, and it has over 160,000 used tyres every year.

Hertz chairman and chief executive Mark P. Frissora says that the company leads the car rental industry in sustainability throughout its products, services and operations.  They are taking the next step forward with the launch of the first zero landfill waste tyre programme in the industry.  Through this partnership with Liberty Tire Recycling, they are introducing the first scheme in the country for recycling tyres, he added, which will set the pace for their sector.

This announcement adds to the award-winning dedication that Hertz has made to sustainability.  The car hire operator offers a collection of alternative fuel vehicles and cars with high MPG ratings.  With its Hertz On Demand car sharing network, the company offers electric vehicle options – including the Chevy Volt, Mitsubishi iMiev and Nissan LEAF.  Its electric car hire programme has recently been expanded through a trial with Plugless Power, which will allow electric cars to be charged without having to be plugged up to an outlet.

On top of this, Hertz is also a member of the Environment Protection Agency’s (EPA) Green Power Partnership – a voluntary programme that recognises organisations and encourages them to purchase and develop green power as a way to reduce their impact on the environment.  Furthermore, the company’s other sustainability initiatives include a solar energy scheme, a waste reduction strategy, a programme to conserve resources and a management plan to reduce energy consumption.



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