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Hertz Partners With Dr David Holmes to Figure Out the Secret to a Perfect Road Trip

Road TripGoing on holiday is always a lot of fun. There is something about being out on the open road and discovering new things that just sparks people’s interest. That being said, having the perfect road trip is something that very few people have ever experienced. It’s an elusive beast that only a few have ever tamed. Hertz wants to figure out just what makes the perfect road trip. To do that, it has teamed up with leading UK psychologist Dr David Holmes. Together, the two hope to come up with a scientific formula for the perfect summer road trip.

A national survey, which was conducted by Hertz, found that nearly 63 percent of Brits choose road trips for the adventure and freedom. For those kinds of people, the Hertz Fun Collection has just what they are looking for. This is a very adventurous line-up of cars that not only look good but offer a lot of comfort too.

Using the survey, Hertz also found that 42 percent of the UK population is more likely to take a trip by car this year compared to figures from 2013. Not only that, but around 46 percent of Brits said that they are likely to explore the open road and visit new places in the UK, which is more than they have never been.

The number one reason why people take a road trip is the sense of adventure and freedom it gives them. That being said, 46 percent of people said that they choose to go on road trips because it’s cheaper than all other forms of travel. Nearly 34 percent of Brits said that they prefer road trips over other forms of travel because they can pack whatever they want. Last but not least, 28 percent of people said that they take road trips because they like to be spontaneous.

Dr Holmes said that these findings show a big part of the picture of why people love going on road trips. He also believes that a formula can be put together to make the perfect road trip. The perfect formula involves driving to new destinations, having between two and four people with an equal gender mix, having road trips that last only about four to six hours, being in a comfortable car and making around three to four stops along the way.

Holmes added that drivers need to make sure that they have a good mix of companions. This adds to the adventure and discovery on road trips. Of course, sunny and cheerful weather also add to the atmosphere of trips.



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