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Hertz Says Traditional Car Travel Games Are Dying Off

Hertz Check-in DeskThere used to be a time when families played games together in the car during long car trips. This included games such as eye spy, the number plate game or 20 questions. However, it now appears as if the days of playing these games in the car are coming to an end. This is thanks in part to all of the electronic devices that people have to entertain themselves.

These findings were brought to light by the Hertz Family Travel Report. It suggested that only about 27 percent of kids say that they favor playing traditional car games to help pass the time, while around 55 percent of parents complain about their kids being too fixated on electronic devices, including video games.

Of course, this report did show that most parents prefer their kids take electronic devices with them, and some even make sure that their kids don’t forget them. Around 73 percent of parents said that they think it’s easier to take long trips when kids bring their electronic video games because it helps keep them occupied longer. This could be one of the main reasons why 75 percent of parents said that they are willing to travel further with their kids on family trips now than when they were young.

One thing is for sure, motoring holidays are becoming a lot more popular. This survey showed that around 99 percent of people take at least one road trip with their family every year. This is up from the 96 percent of people who took road trips with their families from previous generations. Parents that took part in the survey said that it’s electronic devices that make the biggest difference in travelling today than travelling many years ago. It has helped to change travel habits.

Psychologist and author Dr. David Holmes said that video games and gadgets of today are a double-edged sword. These devices do help take a lot of the stress out of taking long journeys because they keep kids entertained for so long. That being said, parents are missing out on being able to interact with their children in the same way that their parents interacted with them. These devices are making it hard for kids to want to absorb what is happening around them and truly get inspired by their surroundings.

So, what are the main things that parents worry about as they set off for their destinations? The first one is car safety, with 52 percent of parents saying that they worry about getting to their destination safely. Nearly 40 percent of parents also worry about the amount of car space, which goes hand in hand with the 37 percent of parents who also worry about comfort.



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