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Hertz Sued by a Customer Who Says Employees Made Racial Comments

Hertz Photo (from website)It seems that Hertz is in the middle of another legal battle. This time the company is being sued by an African-American man who claims that Hertz employees racially abused him on the official Hertz Facebook page.

The complaint was filed by Maurice Howard, age 27. He filed the complaint against Hertz just last week after claiming that Hertz Rent-A-Car employees at Muai Airport in Hawaii insulted him in Pidgin English on the social networking site Facebook. For those do who do not know, Pidgin English is a type of Creole language that is based on English. It is used every day by residents in Hawaii. Usually, it is used as a type of communication between residents who speak English and residents who do not. It was influenced by Cantonese and Portuguese.

Burton Gould, who is the attorney for Howard, said that the comments made by the employees on Facebook are a hate crime. Legal action has to be taken to show that this kind of behaviour is not tolerated face to face or on social media sites.

So the real question is, “What did the employees of Hertz say on Facebook?” According to Howard, the employees called him a pretentious black man who likes to rent impressive cars. The workers even went on to mock Howard by saying that his credit card is often declined. All of this was posted right on Facebook.

The man’s lawyer released a public statement saying that the post made by Hertz employees used terminology that would imply that Howard is a black man with low social status. In a crude manner, they implied that he uses cars to make himself appear to be of a higher status.

In the lawsuit, one of the employees is named as Shawn Akins. Apparently in a Facebook post, he describes Howard as “a borke a** faka who act like he get planny money.” Not only is this language by a Hertz employee unprofessional, but it does seem degrading to the consumer.

Howard is not just taking action against Hertz, but against Facebook as well. He is claiming that these posts violate the site’s policy about banning content that is considered bullying. This post caused him emotional distress, yet Facebook never removed it. He says that he has suffered due to negligence by both Facebook and Hertz.

The man’s lawyer also says that these posts are clearly attacking and bullying his client. The employees did this right on Facebook for everyone to see. This is the very definition of harmful content. To make matters worse, Facebook is supposed to remove such harmful content and ban accounts and individuals who are bullying other users.

Hertz is not going to let these employees go unpunished for their actions. According to the lawsuit, all of the employees who were involved in these comments have resigned or have been fired. Either way, none of them have a job when this is over.



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