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Hertz UK Warns Drivers to Prepare for Icy Conditions

Icy CarWinter is in full swing, and it appears that we all have a lot more winter weather to deal with. In fact, Hertz UK is now warning all drivers to start preparing their vehicles for the icy weather ahead. By preparing themselves now, drivers can avoid putting themselves in bad situations later.

AA teamed up with Hertz in advising people to prepare for the winter weather. AA says that, with temperatures falling, snow and ice are going to be a problem on the roadways. The agency has come up with a few safety tips that all drivers should consider before they hit the road during the winter season.

The general manager of Hertz UK, Neil Cunningham, said that roads can be extremely treacherous in winter. With a little planning, however, drivers can help reduce the risk of crashing. The best thing that drivers can do is allow themselves more time for journeys. This will avoid rushing and making careless errors. Hertz UK offers several winter accessories that people can get with their rentals, including snow chains and winter tyres.

The president of AA, Edmund King, said that it’s crucial for all drivers to prepare for wintry weather. This includes making sure that every aspect of their vehicles are working properly, such as the mirrors and lights.  A bit of snow can be the difference between having an accident and arriving safely.

Here are some of the tips that AA and Hertz have to share with consumers:

  • Drivers should keep up to date with all wintry weather before setting out on their journeys.

  • Vehicles should be full of emergency supplies, such as food, water and blankets, in case the drivers become stuck in the cold weather for an extend period of time.

  • Travellers should ensure that their mobile phones are completely charged.

  • The vehicle tyres should be changed to ensure there is adequate air pressure and tread left. Investing in snow tyres and snow chains will help.

  • Keep the fuel tank at or above a quarter of a tank to avoid running out of fuel while caught in traffic.

  • Drivers should increase the distance at which they follow behind other cars. Cars slide in the snow, so braking distance is going to be much greater.

  • Keep de-icer spray and ice scrapers in the car. This will help keep ice off the windscreen. Don’t use hot water because this can cause the windscreen to crack when it goes from extremely cold to extremely hot.

  • Always apply the brakes gently. Applying the brakes with a lot of force can cause the car to skid.



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