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Holiday Village Red Sea Threatens to Kick Out Guests for Pool Defecation

Holiday Village Red Sea (First Choice)There used to be a time when the worst thing that people had to worry about was people peeing in the pool. However, it now looks like people have to worry about pooping in the pool as well. At least, that is the problem that the Holiday Village Red Sea in Egypt is dealing with. In fact, the hotel said that it has seen such a problem with this lately that it has had to threaten to kick out people.

Unfortunately, this is a resort that is popular with British holidaymakers, so the people who are defecating in the pool are Brits. Drunk Brits have started a new craze known as “logging.” This is an event in which they attempt to relieve themselves on purpose while in the pool. Not only is this nasty for the people who are swimming in the pool, but one would think that the person revealing themselves would not want to swim with poop.

Every time this happens, the hotel staff have to evacuate the whole pool. Then they have to clean it from top to bottom to make sure that they get rid of all the bacteria. After all, swimming in faeces can cause sickness. The staff at the hotel have become so sick of this prank that they are going to fine guests up to £1,400 if they are caught logging. They will also be given an eviction notice and won’t be allowed to stay at the hotel again.

In a letter the hotel sent to its guests, the staff said that there have been a growing number of instances in which guests are relieving themselves in the pool. The hotel understands that sometimes accidents happen, but at the rate that this is happening, it’s apparent that this is no longer an accident. The letter added that the staff are going to continue to monitor this situation very closely. If they see anyone acting suspiciously, that person will be singled out. They also ask other guests to tell staff members if they see anyone that is acting suspiciously.

First Choice, a group that offers holidays to this area, responded to this odd prank. It said that this is an incident that is outside of its control. As soon as First Choice was notified, the staff members at the hotel said that they are doing everything in their power to bring an end to this prank. They also pointed out that they are cleaning the pool immediately with an extensive filtration system.



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