Hotel Burglar Found Guilty After Attacking 3 Tourists With Claw Hammer

Cumberland HotelAccording to reports, a man has been found guilty of attacking three tourists with a claw hammer in a hotel room while they slept. The assault happened on April 6 at London’s Cumberland Hotel. The tourists said that the man doesn’t do enough justice for what he has put them through.

The attacker is 32-year-old Philip Spence from Harlesden, north London. He apparently broke into a hotel room and beat three tourists with a claw hammer while they slept. The tourists said that if the attack had happened back in their home country of the United Arab Emirates, they would have gotten the justice that they deserve.

According to the Metropolitan Police, this attack was completely random, and the attacker just happened to choose the room by chance. Spence wasn’t working alone either; he was also working with a friend, 57-year-old Thomas Efremi. Apparently, the two rob hotel rooms together and then split up the goods.

The tourists that were attacked were part of a family of four sisters and their children. They had just arrived in the UK from the United Arab Emirates on April 3. The day of the attack, the family turned in early to get a good night of sleep for sightseeing the next day. Unfortunately, around 1:13 a.m., Spence entered the hotel and travelled to the seventh floor of the hotel. Since one of the sisters was gone, the door to the tourists’ room was unlatched.

Once in the hotel room, Spence started to go through the tourists’ bags. This woke up Khulood, who was in bed with her two daughters, age 9 and 11. At this point, Spence demanded that they give him money, and then he started to bludgeon her with a hammer until she fell unconscious. The second sister ran to her aid but was also hit unconscious. When the third sister returned to the room, Spence attacked her with the hammer, and her skull cracked open from the force.

An officer said that the lady who had her head cracked open suffered devastating injuries. She lost a part of her brain, which has left her without the ability to move one of her eyes; she can no longer speak either. The other two sisters suffered minor skull fractures and should be fine.

Spence said that he attacked the women but denied trying to murder the girls. After the attack he took their iPads, watches, credit cards, cash and mobile phones. Once he left the hotel, he went straight to Efremi’s house, where they immediately took out £5,000 in cash using the stolen credit cards.

The court found Spence guilty of three counts of attempted murder and one account of aggravated burglary. One of the victims said that their lives have been forever changed. In one night, they lost everything, when all they wanted to do was see what the world had to offer. This is what the world has in store for them.



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