Hotel Industry Sees a Growing Trend in Women-only Floors

Hotel RoomWomen do not like sleeping next door to men, or at least that is what the new “trend” seems to imply. According to hotels like the Hamilton Crowne Plaza, there is an increasing demand for women-only floors. These are floors where men are not allowed. This way, women who are travelling alone can stay on this floor and feel more secure.

This is a trend that has been seen in hotels in Washington, D.C., London and even in Singapore. They are all embracing this idea because solo women travellers have expressed their concerns for security and privacy.

Of course, these floors offer more than just privacy and security away from men. They also offer amenities that female travellers may like to have access to. This includes yoga mats, sanitary pads and hair straighteners. All of these amenities come free of charge.

Although this idea is still pretty new, it has already proven to be a huge success. In fact, the Georgean Court Hotel in Vancouver has already announced its plans to expand the number of rooms it has on its women’s only floor. It is adding 30 additional rooms so that it can accommodate more women.

Judi Brownell, a professor at Cornell University, said that she is not shocked by this growing trend at all. She pointed out that women are a lot more influenced by their surroundings than men. Thus, the way that hotels accommodate women needs to be different than the way hotels accommodate men. These new floors address three things that are very important to women: the feeling of being safe, the feeling of empowerment and being pampered.

The women-only hotel floors are not just off limits to male guests; they are also off limits to male employees. In fact, the guests are given special key cards in order to gain access to the floor. The guests on these women-only floors are served by other women. It is a completely “male-free zone.” Some hotels have even gone as far as to provide a special check-in area for females that are staying on women-only floors so that they only deal with female staff. This includes women to check them in, handle their room service and carry out the housekeeping.

The sales manager for the Georgean Court Hotel in Vancouver, Susan Leung, said that it is comforting for women to know that they do not need to pack their flat iron. They do not need to pack their yoga mat either. They also do not have to worry about bumping into males when they are in their pyjamas and have stepped out of their room to pick up the newspaper. Many women do not feel safe around men when they are travelling alone or with their girlfriends.

There are some women, however, that feel this is a step in the wrong direction. Elizabeth Toedt, who is a Navy commander, told the media that women have been struggling for years for equal treatment. However, when they are given the opportunity to be treated differently, they jump at it. The whole thing is a step backwards.



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