Hugh Grant Talks About News of the World Hacking Scandal

Hugh GrantBy now most of the world has heard that tabloid News of the World announced that they would be shutting down. This announcement was made by publishing executive James Murdoch. The company is shutting down amid a big phone hacking scandal that has been brought to light.

What most people still do not know is just how big this phone hacking scandal got. It involved many famous people and government officials. In fact, one person that had seen this phone hacking scandal in action was none other than actor Hugh Grant.

Hugh Grant, now age 50, said that, one time, News of the World features editor Paul McMullan had taken some photos of him. He went on to say that Paul also boasted about how he was able to hack into Grant’s phone

Grant went on to tell the media that, when he heard that, he was just revolted as well as astonished. However, he is not a man to take that lying down and then he took matters into his own hands. He did this a month later when he ran into McMullan at a pub. At this point Grant pretended to be dropping in for a pint and was able to get the editor talking about all the hacking that went on at the newspaper, as well as other tabloids.

However, what McMullan apparently did not know is that Grant was secretly recording the conversation, meaning that Mr Grant was able to use one of the tabloid’s own dirty tricks against them. He later had the story published in the New Statesman.

An interview that the BBC did with McMullann, however, made light of Grant’s tactics. McMullan said the whole thing is just hilarious. He then asked: How can Grant coming into a pub and trying to record everything a person says be anything other than hilarious. He then said that he did not mind being “turned over,” but who would believe that an actor like Grant would lower himself to this kind of level.

Of course, it is actors like Hugh Grant that think newspapers and tabloids, like News of the World, are shameful. Grant had told McMullan that he didn’t even care who he hurt as long as he was able to sell his story to the newspaper. He then told McMullan that he was not even a journalist, because he has no interest in journalism. He is just in it for the money.

The truth of the matter is, actors and important people everyday fall victim to these kinds of tabloid tactics. Experts say that it is blurring the line between real journalism and spy-like tactics that are invading people’s personal privacy. They point out that, just because an actor or person is famous does not give news agencies the right to pry into every aspect of their lives and make personal conversations public.



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