Hugh Hefner Brings Playboy Club Back to the UK

Hugh Hefner with Playboy BunniesIt seems that Bunny Girls will be making their way back to the UK. This news comes as the Playboy founder himself, Hugh Hefner, reopens his Playboy Club in London. Hef is already back in the UK ready to reopen this brand new club for a new generation of men to enjoy.

Hef, who is 85 years old, had first opened up a Playboy Club on Park Lane. However, the club did get shut down by 1981, because it was not able to get its gambling license renewed. The new Mayfair Club is going to feature, not only gaming rooms, but a cocktail lounge, a restaurant and a barbershop.

Although there are some people who are welcoming back this Playboy Club with open arms, others are not so happy about it. In fact, the club itself has started to cause a lot of feminist groups to become upset. These feminist groups have said that they plan on protesting the opening of this Playboy club. They want to prove that it has “no home” in London.

A member from the group campaigning against the sexual objectification of women, Object, said that she will be protesting outside the club on opening night. The woman, Anna van Heeswijk, said that the Playboy Club is very far from a symbol of sophistication and class. It is a step backwards in the quest for equality between sexes. She then said that objectifying women as bunny rabbits is “not sexy,” and it is “not empowering.”

Of course, Anna will not be standing outside the club alone. Hundreds of protesters have said that they are going to gather outside the new Playboy Club in Mayfair. This protest, which is being called the “Eff Off Hef Campaign,” is not just a protest against the new club. It is a protest against Hef’s multimillion porn empire, which, according to the feminism groups, degrades women.

The protest has its own Facebook page where some 200 people have already said that they are going to attend the opening protest. They plan to greet all of the “VIPs” with protest chants. One lady said that she is going to bring her little daughter dressed up in a rabbit costume. Apparently this is going to be done to take a “stab” at the Playboy empire, which the group says is marketing its products to kids.

Kat Banyard, who is an organizer from the feminist group called UK Feminista, said that they are going to give Mr Hefner the welcome that he truly deserves. She said that, for two decades, the Playboy empire has done nothing but “pornified our society.” She then said that the empire makes money off everything from porn films to marketing clothing for little kids. Playboy teaches men to treat women as nothing more than sexual objects.



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