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Ireland and Scotland Hit Hard By Winds of 150 mph

Gale Force Winds Send Person FlyingDec. 10 was a bad day for people in Ireland and Scotland. High winds not only caused a number of travel problems but also knocked out power for many homes across both areas. Winds reached highs of 150mph in the Western Isles and the Highlands.

This terrible weather, which meteorologists are referring to as a “weather bomb,” was caused by a very low-pressure system that moved to Scotland from Iceland. The effects of this storm not only carried over into yesterday, Dec. 11, but will continue to affect these areas throughout today as well. Conditions should start to improve as the weekend rolls around.

For now, however, some areas in Scotland and Ireland will have to deal with waves that are reaching 50 feet. The coastguard in the area says that they can only describe the height of the waves as phenomenal. It’s like nothing they have ever seen.

A Spanish fishing ship that got caught up in the storm had to be rescued. There were 16 crew members on board. The high winds that have been seen on the western seaboard of Ireland have caused staff and tourists in the area to be evacuated. Debris is being thrown around and several tourists have already been injured. In some cases, the wind was so strong that it swept them right off their feet. One of the evacuating staff members was lifted right off the ground despite wearing heavy gear.

Ferry and train services throughout Scotland have already been cancelled. These services are likely to remain cancelled until when things start to turn around over the weekend. Skye and Forth road bridges had to be closed on Wednesday and into Thursday due to gusts of winds reaching over 80 mph. The strongest wind that has been recorded so far was in Hirta. This area was hit with a gust of wind that reached just over 144 mph.

The term weather bomb is used by meteorologists to refer to a low-pressure system that deepens by 25 mb in just 24 hours. This causes very windy conditions, and this is the first weather bomb that people in the UK have seen in a while.

Schools, nurseries and several council facilities had to be closed as a result of the bad weather on the Western Isles. The public in this area is being warned not to travel unless it is absolutely necessary. Around 15 flood warnings have already been issued by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.



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