Isle of Wight Council Devises New Plan to Avoid Traffic Congestion during Upcoming Festival

Motorway TrafficAnyone who visited the Isle of Wight Festival last year more than likely remembers what a mess it was. The Isle of Wight Council had a good plan in place to handle traffic and parking, but these plans all fell apart due to heavy rain.

The downpour caused many of the dirt parking areas to become nothing but mud.  This left many cars stuck in the, mud and the council had to bring in more than 100 four-wheel drive vehicles to help pull drivers from the parking area. Many parking areas also had to be closed down. This year the council hopes to avoid the same problem by coming up with a contingency plan in case heavy rains hit the festival yet again this year.

One of the new plans that the Isle of Wight Council has in place is alternative parking sites. If it looks like rain is going to be a problem, drivers will be diverted to other parking areas. The council is also putting traffic spotters on duty. This way, problems can be seen and dealt with right away. If traffic spotters had been used last year, maybe so many cars would not have been left stuck in the mud. These plans should help to keep things very flexible and keep traffic from getting backed up.

Solo, which is the company that is organizing the festival, said that they have put some new plans in place as well. For example, they have come up with a different arrangement for people who will be traveling to the festival site from ferry ports.

These new routes from the ferry ports are being put into place due to the problems seen in 2012, when festival goers got stranded because the ferry service was unable to unload any more vehicles in the given area. This caused many people to spend the night in their cars.

John Giddings, who is the festival promoter, said that they are going to double the amount of parking that is available this year. Not only that, but there will be more asphalt surfaces for cars to drive on. This should avoid the mud problem that was seen in 2012. The idea is to keep everything running smoothly so everyone can have a good time at the festival.

The strategic director of the Isle of Wight Council, Stuart Love, said that if things start to break down like last year, the council has some new plans that can be put in place at a moment’s notice. These new arrangements will help give the festival more flexibility in case something unexpected happens.

Stuart Love went on to ask local residents who are not attending the festival to avoid routes that lead to the festival on the days before and after the event takes place. During these times, these roads will be extremely busy, and locals driving on these roads will just add to the congestion.



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