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Jennifer Aniston Protests Travel to Japan

Jennifer AnistonIt seems like tourism in Japan just found a new enemy: Jennifer Aniston. This former “Friends” actress says that she will not sign any kind of contract that requires here to travel to Japan. Not only does she refuse to travel to Japan, but she tells others that they should not either until the country changes the way it treats dolphins.

Aniston is very outspoken when it comes to her love for animals. In fact, she has been an animal rights supporter for years. This actress has even sent in a number of appeals to Japan to abolish its policy on dolphin hunting. Until it changes this policy, this 45 year-old actress refuses to travel to the Asian country, and she thinks others should do the same.

Sources close to Aniston say that she is more than willing to travel the world when it comes to promoting her movies. She loves to travel and see other countries’ cultures. However, there is one exception to this rule, and that is the fact that she simply refuses to travel to Japan.

The source went on to say that Aniston does not allow herself to be contractually required to even step foot in Japan. This all has to do with the country’s policies on fishing. More specifically, she does not like the country’s policy on fishing for dolphins.

Dolphin hunting in Japan is handled in two ways. The most attractive dolphins that are found are kept for water parks and zoos. People can visit and play with them just like in other places in the world. However, the other dolphins that are not kept are killed and sold as meat to eat.

During a dolphin charity appeal that was handled by The Cove, Aniston said that her friends do not belong in captivity. She asked people to help get the word out about what is happening to dolphins in Japan. It has to stop.

The charity that she participated in was attempting to implore the United States government to pressure Japan to change its policies on dolphin hunting. Unfortunately for Aniston, this is not a matter with which the United States wants to get involved.

While Aniston continues to avoid traveling to Japan and tells others to do the same, The Cove has started another petition. This new petition has been signed by around half a million people. The petition is asking President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to take action against not only the killing of dolphins but the captivity of them as well. This petition will also be sent to the Japanese Ambassador.

It is unclear what kind of reaction Aniston will get out of telling people not to visit Japan until this policy is changed. She is a famous actress that is known around the world. She likely has a big following of fans that will follow her request. That being said, it is hard to say if the few people who actually follow her request will make a difference in the number of people who travel to Japan. After all, Japan is a pretty popular tourist spot.



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