Jetstar Apologizes for “I am gay” Message on Suitcase

Gay Bag PictureJetstar has gone on the defense after a passenger found a message that was stuck on his luggage. Pictures show that stickers were stuck on the suitcase in a fashion that spelled out, “I am gay.” Not only that, but the owner of the suitcase said that his luggage was the first to appear on the carousel when he went to pick up his bag, so everyone saw it.

Jetstar, which is a popular low-cost airline in Australia, said that it is sorry for the incident. This practical joke took place at Perth Airport just this past weekend. The owner of the luggage, who did not want to be named, said that he wrote about this incident on his blog. The man, who is a farther of two kids, said that the whole event was extremely embarrassing.

The explained that when he saw the white stickers attached to his bag, he just assumed it was not his. However, after seeing it go around for a bit, he started to notice that it was, in fact, his bag. He said that when he went to go pick up the bag, he felt utterly disgusted. The other passengers started to eye him up and down. He was taken aback by the stickers on his bag, but he assumed that he would have thick enough skin to ignore the leering that he received.

After he got out of the airport, the passenger went on to publish pictures of his sticker-covered bag all over the internet, including on Twitter. On this social media site, he said that he knows no one in this area. It was after midnight on a flight that had already been delayed over an hour. He added on Twitter that idle hands really are the Devil’s playground.

His blog, which is called OneSleepyDay, the man said that Jetstar has at least offered him their sincere apology. He was very grateful for their apology. Those words were not put on his luggage as a type of celebration. It was used to be mean or at least by someone who believed it would be funny. They wanted to see someone get humiliated, and they got just what they wanted. Right in the airport, right in front of everyone.

A spokesman for Jetstar told the media that the airline is going to conduct a very thorough investigation. It wants to know who put these stickers on the bags and who had access to the luggage. Jetstar said that it will take this matter very seriously and get to the bottom of it.

Some assume that it must have been someone that worked at the airport. After all, only airport and airline staff would have access to the bags. However, at this point, experts also believe that Jetstar will have no luck at all figuring out who put this message on the bag.



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