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Jungle River Log Flume Rider Loses Leg

Jungle River Ride (Google Street View)Following a freak accident at the funfair, a grandmother has lost her leg. The 58-year-old woman, who hasn’t been named, was ejected from the Jungle River log flume when the ride jammed. Her 4-year-old granddaughter, also unnamed, was thrown from the seafront Bridlington ride on Sunday afternoon as well. It’s believed that the carriage became stuck and then flipped due to there not being enough water on the ride, which is part of the Bayside Plearsure Park located north of the harbour.

Hundreds of holidaymakers witnessed the horror of the woman being airlifted to a hospital, and it’s thought that her leg was amputated before being taken to the Hull Royal Infirmary. Her granddaughter was able to escape the incident with cuts and bruises on her legs and was taken to the Scarborough Hospital for treatment. Those who saw the accident say that blood was everywhere after the two were flipped from the ride. One cafe worker, 24-year-old Janet Porter, said that there were hundreds of people watching as police cars, ambulances and a helicopter arrived at the scene.

Another worker said that the grandmother’s leg was very badly damaged. The carriage was moving down the rails, got stuck and then flipped them after the ride was restarted. They saw the older woman stand up, but someone made her lay down until the ambulance arrived. The worker added that seat belts aren’t on the ride, as it moves too slow. The front and back of the car have cushioning on them. They have ridden the ride dozens of times and never experienced a problem.

A coastguard spokesman says that they were called to a major accident at the Bridlington funfair around 3:15pm. There wasn’t enough water as the log flume descended, which caused it to jolt the two victims from the ride. There might have been a leg amputation conducted before the grandmother was airlifted, he added.

Authorities have now launched an investigation into the funfair’s safety. The funfair had previously been asked by Bridlington Town Council to be moved to a more suitable place. Mayor Councillor Cyril Marsburg says that he’s always thought it was too compact. Safety measures are conducted, but it’s terrible when something like this happens. This is very sad to hear that the woman has lost her leg. A backlash will certainly come from this, he noted, and despite requests for the funfair to be moved, they don’t see it happening.

Marsburg also said that he doesn’t think tourism to the town will be affected by this accident. He’s sure a lot of people won’t go on that ride, but it’s not true that people only go to Bridlington for the rides. Many go for the sea, sand and promenade, he added.




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