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Kenya Warns Against Travel to Britain

Aerial View of London Heathrow AirportUsually, when people hear about governments warning against travel to a country, the United States or UK are usually the governments issuing the warning. In a shocking twist, Kenya has turned the tables and warned its citizens not to travel to Britain via Heathrow Airport. The Kenya government says that Heathrow is unsafe because it’s at threat from al-Qaida attacks.

According to the Kenya government, this warning was given out to its citizens after it claimed that the United States and UK are both targets of al-Qaida. The principal secretary of the Kenya Foreign Affairs Ministry, Karanja Kibicho, said that the United States alerted that operatives belonging to al-Qaida in Syria and Yemen are making new sophisticated bombs. These bombs will have the ability to bring down planes. Out of the information that they have received, they feel that Britain is the most likely country to be affected.

In a statement that was released to the public, Kibiccho said that based on their source of information, Kenyans should not ravel to  the UK via Heathrow. This is a likely spot where terrorists will attack with their new bombs. As such, Kenyans are asked to seek different travel routes if they wish to travel to other European countries or the United States. They will update the public again when they feel that Heathrow is once again safe. Some of the other areas that Kenyans should try travelling through include Dubai, Addis Ababa, Amsterdam, Doha and Abu Dhabi.

So far, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has not commented on this latest action taken by Kenya. That being said, the office recently increased its own security risk for travelling to Kenya. Some people assume that Kenya has increased its security alert in retaliation. After all, a lot of the tourists whom Kenya gets are from the UK. So any kind of decreased travel from the UK is bad for the economy.

Tensions between the UK and Kenya have been reaching a boiling point as of late. The UK just wants to keep its people safe. However, the president of Kenya, Uhurru Kenyatta, sees it in a different light. He said that these warnings are undermining and even questioning the security that Kenya has in place. He went on to insist that travelling to Kenya is safe and that they have taken every precaution to make it so.

All of this comes after both the United States and the UK told passengers that they have to prove that their electronics can be powered on before flying. If an electronic device cannot be turned on, then travellers have to leave the item behind or not travel.



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