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Kenyan Government Asks Other Governments to Drop Travel Advisories

Flag Map of KenyaThe Kenyan government is not giving up on the idea that governments should drop their travel advisories for traveling to Kenya. In fact, just this past week, Kenya asked that the United States government set a good example by lifting its advisory warning for U.S. citizens to stay away. This advisory was, of course, put into effect after the huge gun battle that took place at a Nairobi mall on September 21. Since then, governments around the world have been banning their citizens from travelling to Africa.

Although Kenya is asking that all countries drop the travel warning, they are really attacking the United States the most. They said that the travel advisory that the United States has in place is not only unnecessary but completely unfriendly.

So why does Kenya care so much if the travel warning is lifted by the United States? First of all, if the United States lifts its travel ban, other countries are likely to do so as well. Not only that, Kenya has been counting on tourism to bring in a lot of money this year. With these travel bans in place, the country is not going to get the kind of boost from tourism that it was hoping.

Joseph Ole Lenku, who is the Interior Minister for Kenya, was the one who gave this very stern message to Washington. He gave this little speech this past Sunday when he was updating reporters around the world on what the government was doing to investigate the crime that took place.

The death toll has been at 67 for a while now and experts do not expect it to go up. That being said, Kenyan police are still looking through building wreckage for bodies. Kenyan officials are being assisted by European, Israeli and U.S. experts. The final report does say that five attackers were killed during the assault.

Currently, Kenyan officials have nine suspects in custody over this attack. One of these people was just arrested on Sunday, nearly eight days after the attack happened. Not much is known about this latest person in custody because the minister who made the announcement of his capture did not give any details about him. He just simply said that it is government policy not to discuss any kind of intelligence matters in public.

During his speech, Ole Lenku said that his government believes that any travel advisory that is being issued right now is extremely counter-productive on the global fight against terrorism. This is just what the terrorists want. They want to keep Brits and Americans out of Africa and the Middle East. By placing this travel warning, it is giving them just what they want. He added that they request that the United States, as a dear friend of Kenya, lift the travel advisory. Having it in place is unfriendly.

However, for the UK and the United States, these travel warnings are needed. Although both countries are friends to Kenya, both countries also have to put their citizens’ needs first. If a country is being



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