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Kenyan Government Says Travellers Are Safe Despite Terrorist Attack

Kenyan SoldiersIt may not be time to cancel trips to Kenya just yet. At least, that is what the Kenyan government wants tourists to believe. It made a worldwide announcement that that anyone who travels to Kenya is safe after terrorists attacked a popular shopping mall in Nairobi.

The government, which counts on tourism for profit, was hoping to attract more tourists this year. In fact, it was expecting at least a 10 percent jump in tourists between 2013 and 2014. However, experts are now assuming that this jump may be lower than expected thanks to the terrorist attack.

The cabinet secretary for East Africa Commerce and Tourism, Phyllis Kandie, said that these attacks were nothing more than an act of cowardice. He said that he still wants visitors to come to Kenya. If people refuse to come now, the terrorists win. They cannot be allowed to have their way. People should not live their lives in fear of terrorists.

This shopping mall, which is known as the Westgate Shopping Center, came under fire recently. It was here that a huge gun battle took place between terrorists and Kenyan Special Forces. This attack lasted three days before Special Forces was able to take back the shopping centre. During this time, nearly 70 people died.

Despite this, the Kenyan government wants tourists to rest assured that tourism facilities are still running normally. The government says that Kenya is a peaceful place, and they want to keep it that way. They also pointed out that security agencies are working around the clock to make sure that everyone is safe.

A spokesman for the Kenya Tourism Board said that it wants everyone to know that the government takes security very seriously. One of the top concerns for the government is the safety of tourists in the area. That being said, the Kenya Tourism Board wants people to be careful when travelling around Kenya.

Governments around the world still want people to be careful when travelling to Kenya, and this includes the UK. Out of the nearly 70 people killed, four of them were Brits. Also, nearly 175 people were injured during the raid, and this includes a number of children. The Kenyan Special Forces did a great job considering the circumstances, but anytime tourists die in a foreign country, governments around the world are going to take notice.

Brits need to use caution whenever visiting Africa. The terrorist group Al Shabaab Ali Mohamud Rage said that all Brits are targets when they are in Africa. This is because the UK has, at one time or another, supported the African military intervention in Somalia. As a result, all Brits will be targeted when they are visiting Africa.

If a Brit is captured while visiting Africa, they should not expect any negotiations to take place. At least, that is what the Twitter account that belongs to the terrorist group says. This Twitter account says that no negotiations will ever take place. If Brits are captured, they will be held or killed.



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