Ledley King banned

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The famous England and Tottenham footballer, Ledley King, just got banned from driving. The ban is for 56 days, due to him being caught doing 105mph. The car he was in was a black Mercedes CL.

Mr King, 30, from Cuffley in Hertfordshire, also received a £800 fine and was ordered to pay costs to the value of £250 by the Sudbury magistrates, in Suffolk. He pleaded guilty, with a written plea, previously at an earlier hearing. He had been clocked by police while driving on the A14, just outside Newmarket, Suffolk.

King previously tried to argue that he was travelling at 95mph, instead of the recorded 105mph, despite this speed having been registered by a policeman with an extremely accurate laser speed gun. This caused the judge at the hearing last month to rule against the argument, declaring that Mr Kind was in fact correctly clocked at 105mph, which is 35mph over the highway speed limit.

Mr King was also fined for an additional offence connected with the Mercedes’ windows, which were tinted on the sides of the car and caused “insufficient transmission of light”. For this offence, he received another fine of £100.

Lesla Small, the prosecutor, stated that King was caught while driving on a dual carriageway that has a 70mph limit. This occurred on the 29th of June, just after 10pm. She reported that the tinted windows were only spotted by police after he had been pulled.

King reportedly had a licence with six penalty points on it, after being clocked twice while travelling faster that the 30mph speed limits back in 2009.



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