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Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg Suggests 66 Percent Bus Discount for Youths in England

BusSome politicians will do anything they can to get votes. The most sought-after votes are those from youths. This has to do with the fact that most youths don’t completely follow political campaigns and only hear the things that they want to. Liberal democrat Nick Clegg wants to use this to his advantage. His plan is to offer people between the ages of 16 and 21 a 66 percent discount on bus travel in England.

When talking about this new plan, Clegg told the media that he is telling people today that his party is going to put the next generation of people at the centre of its plans. This is being done because the Liberal Democrats are committed today and tomorrow about building a very strong economy. To do this, people have to be able to travel cheaply, and this includes the youths of today.

Clegg went on to say that the scheme, which will be called the Young Person’s Bus Pass, will help ensure that the youths of today have the ability to access training and education, wherever it may be. He hopes that this discount will be topped by bus companies. He doesn’t want the maximum discount to be 66 percent. Bus companies could add bigger discounts on top of that.

According to Clegg, the youths of England are required to go to school until they are 18. That being said, the city hasn’t given them enough support to make sure that this is easy. Youths have to be able to get from destination A to destination B, and they need to be able to do it on a budget. How will these huge discounts be paid for? Apparently, Clegg says that they will be paid for by simply removing the winter fuel allowance and the free TV license that pensioners currently enjoy.

When talking about this matter, Clegg said that he knows that there are a lot of politicians who wouldn’t think about touching the universal benefits that pensioners enjoy. This is because it’s too risky politically. However, that isn’t a statement with which the Liberal Democrats agree. Keeping benefits for people who are rich and retired is no justification for making young people struggle.

This is not the only kind of service the Liberal Democrats want to add to England. The party also wants to offer at least 15 hours of free childcare for all 2-year-olds in England. It also wants to establish a “daddy month,” which will make companies offer paternity leave. People should also be guaranteed money for education spending.



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