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Libyan Rebels Continue Tripoli Fight

Libyan Rebels ArmedLibyan rebels are still fighting for freedom and the end of the Gaddafi family’s more than 40 years of rule. As they encounter resistance in some areas of Tripoli, they are working to consolidate power and secure funding to govern. This comes as leader Muammar Gaddafi released a call on loyalist television channels yesterday for supporters to march on the capital and rid it of rebels, who he says are ‘unbelievers, crusaders and rats.’

In the short broadcast, which was only of audio, Gaddafi called on all of Libya’s tribes to gather and drive out foreign agents from the nation. Libya is for the Libyan people…not for imperialism, the agents, France, Italy, Sarkozy. Tripoli is for them and not for those relying on NATO. He urged young people and tribal leaders to gain control of their neighbourhoods again and march on Tripoli. Each tribe must stop the enemy from stepping on this pure land. Don’t leave those rats in the capital; kill them and quickly defeat them. The Libyan people are the crushing majority, leaving nowhere safe for enemies. The enemy has false beliefs, and NATO is retreating. It can’t go on forever; they will be defeated with determination, sovereignty, glory, dignity and commitment to freedom.

The speech comes after the rebels overran Tripoli this week and blasted into Gaddafi’s compound. However, the leader was no where to be seen, and the hunt for him continues. A $1.4 million reward for his capture has been offered by the National Transitional Council (NTC), while the International Criminal Court has charged him for atrocities against humanity. A commander for the opposition has told reporters that fighters were battling Gaddafi loyalists in the capital and believe the leader could be taking refuge in a cluster of buildings close to his compound. More rebel troops have been sent to the scene where reports last say Gaddafi could be.

NTC chairman Mustafa Abdel Jalil also told a news conference in Benghazi yesterday that they had discovered huge reserves of medicine and food that the Gaddafi regime was hoarding in the Tripoli compound. He said that, with this find, there won’t be anymore shortages medicine or food supplies. There is enough food to feed a city twice the size of the capital, which has 2 million people, for a year. The medicine they found is just as plentiful. Gaddafi intentionally stopped the supplies from being given to the Libyan people and made them live in hunger.

Jalil also noted that a great amount of fuel was discovered at the Zawiya oil refinery, which was captured by rebels this month as well. They won’t have to deal with a shortage of fuel either. During the conference, however, he didn’t say when the NTC would move into Tripoli, which will be symbolically important for a nation that has been plagued by tribal and regional rivalry.




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