Lindsay Lohan arrested for run-in with pedestrian outside Dream Hotel

Dream Hotel, New YorkLindsay Lohan was arrested in New York City earlier today after a hit-and-run in the early hours of the morning as she headed back to her room at the Dream Hotel. The police were told by the pedestrian that she struck him with her car as she drove into the hotel, and she was subsequently taken into custody. However, it’s understood that the actress isn’t worried about being found guilty of the charges.

The accident has been confirmed to have happened around 2am, when Lohan was driving into the Dream Hotel’s parking garage in her Porsche Cayenne. While travelling at a low speed, she struck 34-year-old Jose Rodriguez, a chef in Manhattan, in the knee. Then at about 2:30am, she was arrested by police. Authorities say she charged for a misdemeanor of leaving the scene of an accident causing injury. She was then released with an appearance ticket, which doesn’t require bail to be posted.

A spokesperson for the police said the pedestrian in the case complained about a knee injury and was taken to a local hospital. Because this was a non-fatal incident, it was within the range of a desk appearance ticket.

Talking to reporters, Rodriquez says that he saw a car pulling into the parking garage really fast and hit him. He was in a lot of pain and fell to the side. When the driver got out of the car, he asked her why she hit him. He claims that she told him that he has to get out of the way…to move out of the way. He also alleges that she was slurring and smelled really bad of alcohol.

Rodriquez added that one of the men in the car moved Lohan from the driver’s seat to the back seat and told him there wasn’t a problem. The man kept saying that they needed to move the car, and told Rodiquez to move. Then they drove away like it didn’t matter.

However, it seems that Lohan believes she has nothing to worry about and that the charges against her will be dropped. In a statement to reporters, her representative said that it appears this incident is “much ado about nothing”, even though the facts are still being put together. They are confident the issue will be cleared up over the coming weeks, the rep added, and the claims against the actress will be proven false.

Lohan’s representative may be referring to surveillance of the incident, with reports saying that the whole matter was caught on tape, including the moments after the run-in. Officials are said to have seen the footage, and the incidents looks so minor that they are unable to judge if Lohan actually struck Rodriquez or not.

The New York Police Department has confirmed to media that footage of the incident does exist, but they couldn’t give anymore details about the nature of the surveillance. And despite the claims made by Rodiquez, it’s not believed that alcohol played a part in the alleged accident. Additionally, a source said that Lohan called her father, Michael, while she was arrested. He confirmed the call, saying that he’s proud she reached out to him and that she wasn’t drinking.



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