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Lindsay Lohan Hits Rubbish Truck

Lohan's Wrecked PorscheLindsay Lohan has made it into headlines once again, and it’s not because she breached her probation terms. Instead, she escaped injury after crashing her rented Porsche into the rear of a rubbish truck in Los Angeles at 11:40am on Friday. She hit the vehicle on the way to the set of her latest film, Liz and Dick, which recaps the love affair between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, whose role the troubled star will be taking on. It’s the belief of police that the actress wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time.

Lohan and a male passenger were administered to the hospital as a precaution but were released soon after. Her publicist, Steve Honig, confirmed that she was involved in a car accident on her way to the set. She is fine and was released from the hospital less than two hours after. Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt during the accident, he added. However, her rented Porsche doesn’t look like it will survive the damage and was taken away by a tow truck.

Meanwhile, the driver of the rubbish truck said witnesses reported that Lohan was speeding down the freeway before the Porsche slammed into the rig. She had originally insisted that she was cut off by the truck, which she claims caused the accident. The driver, only identified as James, says he was already in the right lane when the crash happened. Witnesses say the woman was speeding and hit him in the back when she merged, he added.

Talking to reporters, James also said that Lohan’s assistants tried to bribe him to keep the crash quiet. Two people took him across the street and told him that the person in the car was a famous person and that they didn’t want the accident in the media. However, he had called 911 already, as they were trying to get away. The driver and passenger of the Porsche packed a bag, and the driver of a limousine told him not to mention the bag to the police. The woman and her passenger quickly got into the Cadillac Escalade, he added. The SUV was carrying people who seemed to be in the Liz and Dick film, which is being made by Lifetime.

Lohan is still on probation in a case for necklace theft, but she’s not being supervised by a probation officer or judge. This accident is the only the latest mishap involving a vehicle for the actress. Just last month, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office determined there was insufficient evidence in a case involving accusations from a nightclub manager that she hit him with her sports car.

Lohan just had her licence restored in August 2010 after losing the privilege due to two DUI arrests in 2008. She is also still being sued by three men, who say she forced them to stay in a sport utility vehicle she seized and used to chase a woman she believed have been her assistant. The incident ended in a parking lot with Lohan being arrested. In another suit, a pedestrian is suing the actress for sticking her in West Hollywood, California in September 2010.




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