Live like a homeless person for just £10 a night courtesy of Faktum Hotels

Faktum HotelsHow many people out there want to feel what it’s like to live as a homeless person for one night? When people are walking down the street and they see a homeless person, do they wonder what it’s like to live as they do for one day? For everyone that has ever wondered that, now they have a chance to live the experience.

Faktum Hotels, which is located in Gothenburg, is offering people the chance to do away with beds, baths and even a roof. They are offering their guests a chance to experience what it feels like to live like a homeless person for a whole night. In short, they want people to pay to experience the true meaning of the phrase “roughing it”.

In truth, this experience is being made possible thanks to a Swedish newspaper called Faktum. The newspaper is offering people the chance to sleep at one of ten places around the city. These are places popular with more than 3,400 homeless people.

These so-called “rooms” can be booked for £10 a night, and they can be booked as a gift. Of course, the newspaper is really doing this to raise money for a cause. The newspaper says that the money that they raise will go towards charity work for the homeless.

The so-called “accommodations” that people can book are designed to give people a firsthand experience of what homeless people experience on a daily basis. The locations that have been chosen include a spot under a motorway bridge, a bathroom at a disused mill or even a sleeping bag in the middle of the woods.

The newspaper has done what it can to make each location sound like a place people would actually want to visit. In short, each of these locations gets a write-up like an actual hotel would do for their rooms. They have listed local attractions close by and even some history about the deserted buildings their guests will be staying in.

Aaron Israelson, who is the editor and chief of Faktum, said that his newspaper does not believe that politicians do enough to help the homeless. This new stunt is a reminder for people that there is poverty all over the city. It offers them an easy way to get involved and give back to the community.

He went on to say that there is a whole bunch of confusion. People get the wrong ideas about how homeless people live and who is actually homeless. In Sweden, most people tend to think that everyone who is homeless is addicted to drugs or has some kind of drinking problem. This is simply not the case.

People need to keep in mind that the Faktum Hotel is not able to guarantee guests that the spot they have requested is actually available. However, the newspaper does not expect people to actually stay in these “hotel rooms” but really just to donate to charity. After all, who wants to spend money to live like a homeless person? People can experience that for free any time that they want to. However, the options is there, if they really want to.



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