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London in Pandemonium as Underground Workers Go on Strike

Passengers Boarding and Leaving Underground TrainLondon is in a state of pandemonium right now after Underground workers went on what is being called the first of a series of strikes. This has left literally millions of Brits without a way to commute to work. Prime Minister David Cameron said that millions of Londoners count on this railway to get to and from work every day. This latest series of strikes is “shameful.”

The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has wasted no time in meeting with the Underground union leader, Bob Crow. Johnson wants to end this strike as quickly as possible. He says that the city is just overrun with people walking, running and cycling as they attempt to get to work. Buses are full, and roads are swamped.

If the demands of the Underground workers are not given to them, the workers are planning to stay out of work for two days this week. Next week, they will be out of work for another two days. The workers say that they are striking over modernization and job cuts.

The problem with the strike is that more than 3 million people use the Tube system every day. The Underground was able to keep a handful of trains running during the strikes, but these few trains were not able to handle the huge demand. When the Tube workers go on strike, it hurts not only the Underground but the whole economy of London because people are not able to get to work.

Cameron took to his official Twitter account to tell people how he felt about the strikes. He said that these latest strikes from the workers are shameful and bringing nothing but misery to millions of people in London. He condemns this trike, and there is no justification for what they are doing to the people of London. He added that it is time to modernize the Tube line so that it is working every day for the millions of people who need it.

If what Cameron says is true, the Tube workers may have just shot themselves in the foot. Due to all of the strikes, the UK government may consider the possibility of making a modern Tube line that does not require so many workers. If that is the case, all of the workers who are fighting for jobs will lose them anyway. On top of that, it will be much worse than the few jobs that they are trying to save now.

Police in London are out in full force to try to keep order in the rail stations as upset citizens try to force their way onto the few trains that are running. Despite police being in the stations, there were many reports up upset Londoners telling the rail and the police what they think of them. Others, who had no choice but to try to get to work, took to bike riding. Those who are in shape enough to do so jogged and ran to work.



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