London Left With Big Clean Up Bill after Royal Wedding

Street Party on Royal Wedding DayThe royal wedding has come and gone. However, the aftermath of this royal wedding can still be seen all over. Now London faces the task of getting the city cleaned back up and looking good again. However, cleaning up the area is not the only thing that went on during the wedding. Police admitted that many people were also arrested.

The biggest problem was at Kelvingrove Park. Here two students organized a big bash. Due to this, they could face a £40,000 clean up fine. Apparently these two students thought it was a good idea to throw a big Facebook bash at the park. The party finally ended in a riot, for which police had to be called in.

During the riot, a crowd of over 4,000 people started to throw bottles at police. At this point the police tried to regroup to bring an end to this riot. When all was said and done, 21 people were arrested and eleven cops were injured.

Despite all of this, the two students that started the bash said that they believe that the party was a major success for about 90 percent of the day. It was not until the end that some “idiots” ruined it for everyone. One of the students also said that he does not know how the city is going to make him pay for the clean up bill. He pointed out that he has, “minus £1500 in my account. I’m scraping by as it is.”

Although this may have been the worst party, there are a number of other areas of London that need to be cleaned up as well. Of course, officials say that a city cannot expect to have a party like a royal wedding and not have to clean up a little bit. They did admit that the fact that people were getting hurt out there was taking things just a bit too far. One official said that it seems like people just “lose themselves” during events like this.

One police spokesman said that it was mostly Brits that were acting out of line. As far as he could recall, police had very little problems out of tourists from overseas. He then noted that this could have been due to the fact that many overseas tourists were under the impression that it was going to be a “classy event.”

The police did finish up by saying that the people who “acted out” during the royal wedding were not going to get off the hook that easily. These people will have to answer for what they did. A large city event like this is not a free ticket for people to act out. This was an event that was supposed to bring people together, not cause them to riot. However, some people apparently did not understand that.



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