Lost camera returned to owner by China Airlines worker 5 years after it was lost at sea

Lost CameraWhen people lose things and it is not returned within the first week or so, they start to lose hope that they will ever see that item again. Well that is just what happened to one women who lost her camera nearly 5 1/2 years ago. Now, after drifting nearly 8,000km across the Pacific Ocean, the camera has been returned to its owner. This was all thanks to the efforts of a China Airlines worker.

Douglas Chen, who is a member of the China Airlines workforce, said that he came across a camera that washed ashore. When he found it, it was completely covered with barnacles and seaweed. Douglas says that he discovered the camera while walking on the beach during a trip to Taitung County. He says he was there celebrating the Lunar New Year.

Although Mr. Chen figured that Camera no longer worked, he was still determined to find the owner of the camera. His curiosity about the camera and the owner was what fueled his search. When he found the camera, he figured it no longer worked. However, after examining it, he was shocked to find out that the camera was still in good condition. This was thanks mostly to the camera’s waterproof case. This kept all the mechanisms inside the camera from being damaged.

After opening the camera, Mr. Chen was able to completely restore the memory card. While going through the pictures, he found many of a blond woman. Mr. Chen believed that these were pictures of the owner of the camera, and thus, he began his search.

Other pictures on the camera showed a catamaran called Teralani 3. This was something that Chen was able to track all the way to Maui, which is the second-largest island in Hawaii. He later found out that the Teralani 3 was actually registered to a tour operator from that area.

Determined not to give up his search, Mr. Chen contacted Hawaiian authorities, as well as the tourism bureau. Contacting the tourism bureau was easy, because he was able to do it through China Airlines’ Honolulu office.

Shockingly enough, the airline said just this past weekend that they have located the owner of the camera. The owner is Lindsay Crumbly Scallan of Newnan, Georgia. Thanks to her Facebook page, the airline and Mr. Chen where able to confirm that Lindsay is definitely the girl on the camera.

After being contacted, Lindsay said that the photos on the camera were actually taken during a holiday she took to Maui back in 2007. During a nighttime scuba dive off Kaanapali, she lost her camera. It is crazy to think that the camera ended up on a beach 8,000km away and was in working condition.

During an interview with Hawaiian authorities, Scallan said that she was completely floored that her camera was found and all of her old pictures were still on it. She said that she could not believe that it floated so far away and the memory card was still intact.

Ms. Scallan has been invited to go to Taiwan on a China Airlines flight. The airline wants her to retrieve her camera and experience the friendliness of the people of Taiwan. The flight will, of course, be completely free for her.



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