LulzSec Announces Plans to Disband

LulzSec LogoIt now seems that well-known hacking group LulzSec has announced that it will be disbanding its group via its Twitter page. This announcement comes after the group has taken part in a number of very high-profile attacks on well-known companies.

Since the group is secret, no one can interview people in the group to find out if this announcement is truthful or not. However, in a statement on their Twitter account they said that their planned 50-day “cruise” has expired. Besides that, they have given no reason as to why they are disbanding the group.

Of course, it seems very likely that they have chosen to stop hacking for now because of all of the attention they have drawn to themselves as of recently. With these recent hacks, authorities have been trying extra hard to trace down these hackers. Many believe that authorities are closing in on them, and thus, the group is pulling out. Due to this, many authority groups are considering this announcement a “victory for the good guys.”

LulzSec is the same group that has been able to hack such companies as Nintendo and Sony. Of course, Sony ended up getting hit a lot harder than what Nintendo did. Also, such broadcasting companies as Fox and PBS have been hit by LulzSec. Some even say that the United States Senate has been hit by an attack as well.

However, before the group broke up they gave people a “parting gift.” They released some documents that were suppose to be confidential from the Arizona police department and phone service giant AT&T.

The real question is, Is LulzSec breaking up because of the investigation by police? Some experts suggest that it is actually some other members of the hacker world that have become upset with the antics of LulzSec. Some are saying that these members of the hacking world were threatening to out LulzSec if they did not disband.

Even if the police did force this hacking group to break up, it may only be a matter of time before another hacking group, attempting to make a name for itself, steps up to the spot left open by LulzSec.

Either way, one computer expert who wanted to be left unnamed said that these public hacking groups are not really the dangerous groups. Yes, they are doing things against the law, but most of them are not out to harm people or cause them finical problems. The groups that people should be worried about are the ones that consider themselves criminal groups. They are the ones that would not even dare talk about their plans on a place like Twitter.

As said earlier, the LulzSec crew of six remains anonymous. Thus, it is impossible for anyone to contact them directly to confirm these statements. Only time will tell if LulzSec is really gone forever or not.



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