Malaysia Airlines Flight Goes Missing With More Than 200 Passengers on Board

Malaysia AirlinesReports have confirmed that a Malaysia Airlines flight went missing from radar screens this past Saturday. The flight had 239 passengers on board at the time of the disappearance. Governments from around the world are working together and contacting counter-terrorism groups in an effort to find the plane.

Malaysia Airlines has already told families of the passengers to prepare for the worst. This is due to the fact that it has been two full days without any kind of news or sighting of the plane. That being said, the airline has not given up its search for the plane. Rescue groups are currently scanning the waters between Malaysia and Vietnam. The problem is that rescue groups are not sure where to look. It is believed that the plane may have turned around just before it vanished. This widens the search area in which the rescue groups must look.

The Malaysian government confirmed that it is aware of two people on the plane who were traveling with stolen passports. This has gone on to fuel media reports that there was a disturbance on this Malaysia flight just before it went missing. That being said, the government is not trying to jump to any conclusions just yet. In fact, it has told the media that there are many reasons why people might fly on stolen or false documents, and they are not all related to terrorism. However, the government is definitely not ruling out the possibility.

Officials from Malaysia say that they are currently looking into the identities of four suspects who were on the plane. Two of these people are the passengers who had the false documents. Ronald Noble, the secretary general of the international police agency, said that he has spent years urging all countries around the world to screen all passports systematically. Since the countries refuse to do it, there is a real case that could have been prevented by this practice.

Most of the travellers who were on the flight were from China. However, there were other passengers on the plane from North America, Europe and other areas of Asia. Right now the Malaysian government has over 40 ships and 22 planes searching the ocean for signs of the crash. Unfortunately, every day that passes makes it less likely that they will find traces of the flight.

The best chance that the government has to find the plane is to look for oil slicks on the water’s surface. Since water and oil do not mix, there should be oil floating on the water somewhere if the plane did crash into the ocean. However, such a small amount of oil could be impossible to find. To make matters worse, the oil would only give searchers a general location because it has more than likely moved from the crash site over the two days that it has been at sea.



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