Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Might Not Be in the Indian Ocean

Malaysia Airlines planeIn a huge turn of events, experts are saying that missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 might not be in the Indian Ocean after all. This was brought up during an interview with Sir Tim Clark, the boss of Emirates Airline. He said that the plane might not have been on autopilot, and if this is the case, the search for flight MH370 may be in vain.

During an interview with Der Spiegel, a German magazine, Clark said that in his opinion, flight MH370 was under control until the very end. He believes that the pilots had complete control over the plane. His thinking goes against the belief that the plane was on autopilot up to its fuel ran out. If this was the case, it would have crashed somewhere over the Indian Ocean.

Clark believes his theory to be correct because of past plane water landings. He told the magazine that in past experiences when planes have gone down in the water, there is always something to go on. Thus, this plane either did not go down or it went down in a completely different area. So far, investigators have not seen one single thing that suggests the plane went down where they say it did. All they have to go on is a few electronic satellite pictures.

It is clear that Clark has his doubts about what happened to the plane. His company operates more than 127 Boeing 777 aircraft, which is the same plane that went down. He grew suspicious due to the fact that no one seems to know where the plane went down.

Clark said that there hasn’t been one water incident involving aircraft in civil aviation history in which the plane was not at least 5 to 10 percent trackable, apart from the Amelia Earharrt incident in 1939. Despite this, flight MH370 has simply disappeared. A huge passenger craft just went missing. This has to raise some degree of suspicion. He is also very dissatisfied with the information that has been given about the missing plane. Information is available, but investigation teams need to be more transparent about what’s going on.

Of course, Clark has a point. Despite all of the searching that has been done, search teams have not even found one seat cushion, which would float on the water. This plane is supposed to be in the Indian Ocean somewhere, yet no one can find anything.

The Australian Transportation Safety Bureau said that it has found data that may suggest that the flight took a very slow left turn just before it spiralled out of control and crashed into the Indian Ocean. For now, search crews continue to search the southern section of the ocean.



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