Malaysian Authorities Release New Information About Flight MH370

Malaysia Airlines PlaneMalaysian authorities are still on the hunt for the Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing more than a week ago. If the plane simply crashed, there is little chance that rescue teams will be able to locate it now. However, new information that has been released to the public suggests that it might not have been a crash after all. Malaysian authorities say that the last time it was in contact with flight MH370 was after the communication system on the plane was disabled. This has just added even more suspicion to fears that the plane was hijacked.

According to the Malaysian government, a person on the plane delivered an “All right, good night,” message to the air traffic control tower. This is suspicious because the message was delivered just before the Malaysia Airlines flight went off its scheduled flight path. The person who sent the message must have also been aware that the Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System was shut down manually. The Malaysian government is still not sure who was at the head of the plane when this communication took place.

Experts in the airline industry suggest that most communication systems on planes can only be shut down manually. This is because it requires a person in the cockpit to switch a number of controls in a certain order.

In regard to this new information, Malaysia Airlines has yet to comment. The airline is more than likely being held to silence as the government continues to investigate the issue. This is just further proven by the fact that the Malaysian transport ministry has decline to comment on this new information as well.

Khalid Bakar, the chief police officer for Malaysia, said that authorities are still investigating all of the passengers, flight crew and ground staff that were involved with flight MH370 before it took off. Police have not ruled anything out yet. This includes whether the situation was caused by sabotage, terrorism or a hijacking. It is worth noting that police have been questioning the family of a man named Zaharie. They visited his house and found a flight simulator machine. Police have already taken the machine to the police headquarters. This has just thrown even more suspicion on Zaharie.

There is very little evidence to suggest that the pilot or the co-pilot had anything to do with the flight’s disappearance. This is just furthered by the fact that neither the pilot nor the co-pilot asked to fly together. This has greatly reduced the probability that there was some kind of plan that the two had come up with the hijack the plane.

Although it has been nine days, investigators are still searching for the plane. So far, they have no leads as to where the plane is being kept or where it went down. They have narrowed down their search to two possible flight paths. There are at least 25 countries from around the world that are helping in the search for the missing plane.



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