Man Banned for Life From Hilton Hotel After Abusive Comment

Hilton Hotels logoPractical jokes are supposed to be fun. However, one such joke recently got a man banned from a Basingstoke Hilton Hotel for life. The joke Jason Payne left on the hotel’s booking system was viewed as “abusive” by the hotel chain.

Payne, a software consultant, said that he never expected that staff members were going to see his joke. During the booking process when asked if he had any pets, Payne said that he only had one: the “large snake in his trousers.” He added that he hopes that is “OK.”

Payne assumed that would be the last he would ever hear about the comment. However, when he went to check in at the hotel, the woman at reception suddenly burst into laughter when she started to check him in. At the time, Payne still had no idea what she was laughing about. She read the comment allowed and her colleague also started laughing.

After they all had a good laugh, Payne checked into his hotel room. It was not until days later that he received an email from the hotel. The email was from Cathrin Wurst, the front manager at the hotel. In the email, she stated that the hotel staff members had been put into a very uncomfortable situation because of his abusive comment. As an employer, she is not going to sit back and allow her team to be made to feel uncomfortable at work. This includes both verbal and written abuse.

Wurst added that the comment of a large snake in his trousers was not funny, nor was it appropriate. Any comments that are left by customers during booking have to be read by the hotel’s team members. As a result, this Hilton Hotel will no longer be accepting any bookings made from Payne in the future.

After reading the email, Payne said that he thinks she is nothing more than a “fuddy-duddy.” It was nothing more than a joke, and she must have no sense of humor at all. In fact, he feels bad for the employees that they have to work with someone like her. He has heard people say far worse on TV. He added that only another adult was going to read the comment. It was not like he made the comment to a minor.

Hilton Hotels responded to this story by saying that they have heard of the incident. The decision to ban a person from a hotel is at the discretion of the hotel’s team. The hotel clarified that he is only banned from that one hotel. He is more than welcome to check into other Hilton Hotels around the world. The chain finished by saying that the Hilton Hotel in Basingstoke continues to offer a legitimate policy for pets.



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