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Man Becomes Registered Sex Offender After Groping a Woman at the Rewind Festival

Rewind FestivalThe Rewind Festival, which brings thousands of tourists from all over to the UK, has been the subject of a lot of controversy. Not only did a man recently get charged with assault after allegedly hitting his wife in a hotel room after this year’s festival, but the year before a man became a registered sex offender after groping a woman. The man who was charged with hitting his wife was convicted despite his wife telling the court that it was nothing more than an accident.

The Rewind Festival that took place last year on the grounds of Scone Palace saw a 47-year-old man named Peter Brown assault a woman. It was also said that Brown made inappropriate gestures at another woman. He was heavily under the influence of alcohol at the time. Despite the fact that this happened last year, Brown has just recently been convicted for these crimes. It was this conviction that led to him being placed on the sex offenders’ register. To his surprise, he will remain on this list for the next five years.

The event in question happened on July 21 of last year during the Rewind Festival. Witnesses say that he sexually assaulted a 50-year-old woman by groping her thigh during the musical event. He was later seen making abusive gestures at a 52-year-old woman. This included flicking his tongue at her in very inappropriate ways.

It did not take long for this man to draw the attention of police. Perth Sheriff Court was told during the trial that it was very clear that Brown had consumed way too much alcohol during the event. It was even told to the court that he required medical treatment during the music festival because he consumed so much alcohol. The security staff started to become concerned for Brown’s safety. It was at this point that he was taken to the medical tent to see if there was anything physically wrong with him.

Brown’s lawyer said that this incident was not something that his client does often. In fact, it was completely out of character. This is why he believes that the incident should be treated as a one-time offense. This is not something that Brown makes a habit of. He went on to say that his client understands that inappropriate behavior toward women is not something that is tolerated.

Brown’s lawyer asked that the court sentence him to just six months of community service. She went on to say that her client feels extremely bad about what he has done and has lost two stones in weight in anxiety over this case. Giving him the status of sex offender will put many restrictions on his life.

Sheriff Lindsay Foulis said that the main thing that they have to consider during the sentencing is what is most appropriate for the offense that Brown caused. Thus, he was fined £1,000 for this “day of shame.” He will be forced to pay this back to the court at a rate of £25 per week. Also, this sentencing comes with an automatic statutory period of at least five years on the sex offenders’ registry.



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