Man Dies on M6 after Police Chase

Motorway TrafficTravelling on UK motorways has proven to be a risky business. According to Lancashire police, a man named Ross Waters was killed earlier this week after being hit by oncoming traffic on the M6. Reports show that Waters was in the process of running from the cops after deliberately trying to hit a woman just moments earlier. The police say that he was driving a Ford Focus and also attempted to run over police officers.

Lancashire Police say that they gave chase to a grey Ford Focus Sport after it attempted to drive over a woman in Blackpool. Although the driver was unsuccessful in his attempt, the woman suffered minor injuries when she jumped out of the way.

While trying to escape police, Waters was hitting speeds of 100 mph on the M55. During this part of the chase, police officers were trying to stop the car with a stinger. When the driver spotted the police officer laying out the stinger, he attempted to run him over. Thankfully, the police officer was quick enough to jump out of the way and avoided being seriously injured.

Then, the man took his Ford Focus Sport onto M6 southbound, where he eventually collided with police vehicles. The crash sent the man’s car flying into a nearby field, but the car was still mobile. The police officers in the cars received only minor injuries as a result.

In an attempt to stop the chase before any more damage was done, the police brought in a helicopter to help keep sight of the car. The man eventually hit yet another vehicle, which brought him to a stop near junction 28. Knowing that he was going to jail for a long time, the man got out of his car and immediately ran into the northbound motorway. It was here that he was hit by oncoming traffic and killed instantly.

As a result of this event, the motorway had to be closed for nearly 11 hours. It is still not sure why Waters, who was only 33 years old, was trying to run over the woman. This case has been transferred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

One of the police road units that was part of the case was Sgt Gareth Hill. He said that the manner in which Waters was driving during this pursuit was extremely reckless. It is only a matter of “good fortune” that no one else was seriously injured or even killed during this pursuit.

Although the case has come to an end, police are still busy gathering information about Waters. They are asking anyone with any information to please come forward.  The police want to know what set Waters off and why he was trying to run over the woman in the first place. The name of the woman that Waters was attempting to run over has yet to be released.



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