Man Given Life Sentence for Attacking Three Sisters With Hammer at Cumberland Hotel

Cumberland HotelMonths ago, on April 6, a man brutally beat three sisters in a room at Cumberland Hotel. The three women were sleeping in the hotel room with their young children. The attacker, 33-year-old Philip Spence, will now serve a minimum of 18 years in jail for his attack on the three United Arab Emirates tourists.

The Cumberland Hotel, which is a four-star luxury hotel, is located in London’s Marble Arch. After the attack, Spence fled the scene, leaving the women for dead. One of the victims was 34-year-old Ohoud Al-Najjar, who was hit so hard that her cranium completely split open. Her 9-year-old nephew was lying next to her when the attack happened. He cowered under the sheets not knowing if the attack would come after him next.

Despite the savage attack, all three of the sisters survived, but Ohoud’s life will never be the same. Due to the attack, she has just 5 percent of her brain function. This means that she is no longer able to speak. She also lost one of her eyes.

Her two sisters, 31-year-old Fatima and 36-year-old Khulood received treatment for the life-threatening injuries they received from the attack as well. Both of the sisters remain in the hospital, and doctors are hopeful that they will recover soon.

After attacking the women, Spence fled the hotel room, taking with him the jewellery, iPads, money, mobile phones and gold with which the women were travelling. As he ran out of the hotel, he dumped the claw hammer that he used to beat the sisters in an ally.

London’s Southwark Crown Court found Spence guilty of attempted murder. The judge that passed the sentencing, Anthony Leonard, said that it is nothing short of a miracle, combined with the efforts of some of the finest medical attention in the country, that Ohoud was able to even survive the attack. She was left debilitated because of this grotesque act of violence.

Simon Mayo, the prosecutor, said that the three sisters were subjected to a vicious attack that left all of their skulls splintered and fractured. As the jury concluded, it was the intent of Spence to kill these women. Fatima showed amazing courage as she desperately tried to save her sisters from the attack. This caused Spence to turn around and strike her repeatedly in the head with the hammer until she couldn’t stand anymore. Ohoud got the worst beating as she lay in bed. Her skull was smashed in so badly that tissue from her brain protruded from the hole that he created in her head.

When police caught up with Spence, he said that they would not find any blood on the hammer he used. This is because he licked all of the blood off of it.



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