Mia Electric Cars Heading to UK

Mia Electric CarBig news for people who have been thinking about getting an Eco-friendly car. Apparently, a new collection of electric cars is about to make its debut at the EcoVelocity Motor Show on September 8 through the 11. These new cars are “microbus” style and are being made by Mia.

Experts assume that these cars are going to make a big splash in the UK. However, experts do not think that these cars will just be popular with general public, but with car rental firms as well. Many car hire companies have been looking for new electric cars to add to their fleet. The Mia collection is the perfect series of cars to fit this bill. So far, it has not been announced if any car hire firms are thinking about adding this car or not.

The EcoVelocity Motor Show is going to be the first event in the UK that will have these cars featured. The great news is that people will not just get to look at these cars, but they will get to test drive them as well. People are going to see how it feels to drive these state-of-the-art cars.

Richard Deslandes, who is the head of UK sales at Mia, said that they are just delighted to be debuting these new cars in the UK. The company is extremely happy to be showing off its 100 percent electric, zero-emission mobility cars at this year’s show. They have designed these new cars with big cities in mind. In fact, one of the cities that the company had firmly in mind while making these cars was London.

Deslandes continued that, so far, Mia has been overwhelmed with the response that they have received for the car after it launched in Geneva. Currently, the company has received about 3,000 confirmed orders for the car. He then said that production of the car will start in June. They will make about 4,000 cars this year to meet the initial demand. However, the company will not stop there. After they open up production factories in France, Mia hopes to increase its capacity to about 14,000 by the end of 2012.

The design of the car is pretty straight forward, but it works well. In fact, Mia had the former head of design at Volkswagen, Murat Gunak, working on the car. He has designed three models for the car. The first is a three configuration seating arrangement. The other two models will be extended models that have four seats. These two extended models will be called the Mia L and the Mia Box Van.

The standard model will weigh about 750kg. The extended models only weight about 9kg more. Experts say that the economic power consumption of this car will cost as little as £1.30 per 100kms. Each model will be powered by an 18kW electric motor. The motor has been placed in the rear of the car.




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