Microsoft Tries to Fight Back Against Apple and Google with Update

Windows Phone 7When people think of popular smartphone operating systems they think of makers like Apple and Google. However, Microsoft has been trying to make a splash in the smartphone market as well. The Windows Phone 7 has enjoyed some success in the marketplace. However, Microsoft would like nothing more than to expand on that success, and they plan to do so with a new update.

For anyone that keeps up with the latest updates for smartphones, they may know that this new Windows Phone 7 update has been code-named Mango. Microsoft hopes that this will help keep their smartphone update in an ever-changing world. According to reports, the update is going to include some 500 new features.

Now some of the features are sure to be things that some people do not use. However, Microsoft seems to think that there is a little bit of something for everyone in this update. Some of the new features that will be in this update include things like social networking programs, built-in text to voice support, as well as built in voice-to-text. On top of that, the phone is now also going to be using Internet Explore 9 and have the ability to run one application while another one is still running in the background. Overall, the whole goal of this update is to make smartphones easier to use for people.

In fact, the president of the Mobile Communication Business at Microsoft, Andy Lees, said that they are setting out to, not only make the smartphones smarter, but easier to use as well. This update is going to keep Windows Phone 7 in the game.

Of course, as some sources have already pointed out, Microsoft has a few things that it is going to have to worry about. First of all, Mango is not going to come out until this fall and the company is already building hype. Now this can be a problem if the company is not able to live up to the hype.

One technology expert said that making announcements like this prior to the release is a good way to build up press. However, it is also a good way to doom new technology to fail if it does not live up what people have built up in their heads. The truth of the matter is that there is a very thin line that companies can walk when it comes to giving new announcements well in advance.

On top of this, Microsoft was not able to start off with a bang. Apparently some media sources claim that the live video feed of the announcement kept bogging down online. In fact, many people did not get to see the video but just watched a slow loading bar. This, in no way, affects the phone update, but it does not look good on Microsoft. As unfair as it may sound, people tend to link these kinds of things together.



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