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Model Doutzen Kroes and Singer Bob Geldof to Travel Into Space

Doutzen KroesPlans to turn outer space into the next frontier have not been dropped by the waist side. In fact, Space Expedition Corporation is still hoping to launch its first commercial space flight in 2014. As if people were not already interested enough in taking flights to outer space, now the company has announced that there are some big name celebrities that have already booked a spot on the first flight to outer space.

According to Space Expedition Corporation, singer Sir Bob Geldof has already booked his ticket for a seat on the first commercial flight to space. The first flight that goes up will have at least 100 people on it. Space Expedition Corporation says that each ticket costs around $100,000, which is the same as £64,000.

Of course, Sir Geldof will not be the only famous person on the flight. Reports also show that Victoria’s Secret model Doutzen Kroes has already booked a spot on the flight as well. DJ Armin van Buuren has laid down money for a ticket too. No word has been given yet if there are any tickets left for this flight or not.

The Space Expedition Corporation says that these astronauts will be traveling some 62 miles into space. They will be launching from Curacao which is located in the Southern Caribbean sea. Thus, just the trip to the launch center will seem like a holiday in itself.

When talking about his upcoming flight, Sir Geldof said that being the very “first Irishman in space” is pretty mind-blowing. It is also a great honor. He gets to be the very “first rock astronaut space rat!” Elvis is famous for leaving he building, but Bob is going to be known for leaving the planet. It is simply wild, and he never believed that this would be possible within his lifetime.

The people who have tickets on this flight will be traveling on a Lynx X2 spacecraft that has been privately built. The spacecraft has a “two-crew cockpit” design. In short, this gives passengers on the space shuttle a true co-pilot experience without actually having to do anything.

Before people are allowed to travel into outer space, they are forced to undergo training. They will need to complete a space flight simulator. This simulator is in the Netherlands, and Sir Geldof will be attempting to complete it this coming weekend. The Space Expedition Corporation says that just going to the simulator itself is an experience that people will not soon forget.

Companies have been looking to capitalize on the possibility of commercial space travel for a while now. Technology has finally reached a point where people will be able to do just that. The success of this new and upcoming industry all rests on this space flight. People need to see that it works, and that it is safe. After that, there is a big chance that this new market will blow up into something huge. However, only time will tell if this industry has what adventure seekers are looking for.



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