More Information Surfaces on Nintendo’s Next Home Console Controller

Concept Controllers for Project CafeEveryone always loves getting their hands on the latest technology. Well at this year’s E3 Nintendo will be showing off the newest home video game console to hit the market. Now people have been learning a lot about this system. They know that it will be HD and play blu-ray like discs that are said to store up to 25GB of information.

However, the biggest news to most people is the fact that this system is not a follow-up to the hugely successful Nintendo Wii. Although the system is believed to be backwards completable with Wii games, the new system is going to be using more of a traditional two-handed controller. This is great news for all of the hardcore video game fans out there. So the only question is: What’s the hook? Every Nintendo system has a hook that makes it stand out from the rest. This time the hook is in the controller itself, but not in terms of motion technology.

This time the controllers are going to be featuring a 6-inch display screen built-in. As said before, the system will be two-handed and will also feature two joysticks. Now that is nothing really too new, as most people have already heard of these features. The newest information to surface is that the controller will also feature a front facing camera for in-game imaging, as well as conferencing. Some game developers have also claimed that the controller, much like the DS, has a built-in stylus that can be pulled out.

As of right now it is not known just how the built-in camera will be used in-game. It is not even known everything that these controllers can do. Reports do show that the controller’s screen is also HD, so this is not like the little screen that was on the DreamCast’s controllers.

Alright, the controller sounds really cool, but Nintendo knows it will take more than just a great controller to move this system. For the people out there that are all about the graphics, they will be happy to note that Nintendo’s next system should have the best graphics on the block, meaning that it will either compare to or beat out PS3 graphics. The system will use a custom graphics processor that is based on the R700 architecture.

So pretty much what Nintendo will release is likely going to be the most powerful kid on the block for a few years for just a few simple reasons. First of all, technology to play high end graphics like the PS3 is coming down in price. This is why Xbox and PS3 are now trying to increase the life of their current console. Unlike Nintendo, the other two companies have been losing money every time they sold a console. They had to count on video game sales. Nintendo was making money hand-over-fist with its Wii.

Now that this technology is cheaper Nintendo can put out a system that is powerful for less. Sony and Xbox want to keep their current consoles for the next two years or more before announcing the next one. This means that Nintendo has a chance to build a good user base.



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