More Than 600 Asylum Seekers Living in 98-bedroom Hotel

Queen's HotelHow many asylum seekers can be cramped into a 98-bedroom London hotel? 200? Maybe 400? How about 600? In some cases at the Queen’s Hotel, there are nine people living in just one room together. On average, there are four people living in each room, and most of them don’t even know each other.

It is not known how long these asylum seekers have been forced to live in the Queen’s Hotel. However, local MP Steve Reed is requesting that the Home Office take action and get these asylum seekers out of the hotel. It should be a place to house travellers visiting the area, not packed full of asylum seekers that the Home Office doesn’t know what to do with. Reed said that the asylum seekers were discovered earlier this month. A housing enforcement team made the discovery.

Of course, the Queen’s Hotel is not the only place housing hundreds of asylum seekers. Another building was found to have around 500 people sleeping in it. A third building, which was only supposed to accommodate up to 68 people, has more than 100 people living in it.

Reed said that his office has received a lot of complaints lately about the noise coming from the Queen’s Hotel. There have also been complaints about antisocial behaviour and intimidation from the people who are staying at the hotel. This is what sparked an investigation by a housing enforcement team.

MP Jim Dowd said that he is simply furious that the Home Office did not even consult with the local government or community. It simply decided on its own accord that it would stick 600 asylum seekers in a hotel that doesn’t even meet that capacity. The hotel is on the edge of a small but very thriving shopping centre. It is a residential area and a place where kids live. It seems extremely inappropriate to put this many asylum seekers in an area like this without any kind of warning.

Dowd is calling for an urgent meeting to discuss what happens next. Of course, he says that the safety of the locals is not the only concern. There is also concern for the 600 people who are living in a hotel that is too small to accommodate them.

A spokesman for the Home Office said that it is in the middle of taking urgent steps to reduce the number of people who are living inside the Queen’s Hotel. The agency will ensure that the number of people meets the appropriate capacity limitations.



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