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More Travel Agents Set to Close as Travellers Become More Comfortable Booking Online

Travel agentThe world of travel is ever-changing. There used to be a time when travel agents were the best way to book a holiday. However, it now seems that the popularity of travel agents is coming to an end. A lot of this has to do with the growing popularity of online travel sites. People are becoming more comfortable booking their holidays online. In short, many high street travel agents are going belly up. To make matters worse, it does not seem like this trend will end anytime soon.

Just last year, more than 50 travel agents went into administration. This was an increase from the nearly 40 that closed up shop in 2011. When viewing these figures, it is easy to see that this is a trend that is growing. Travel as a whole has not stopped, but the way people book their holidays has changed.

Experts are now saying that even more travel agents are likely to close down this year. People are now finding that it is easier to book holidays online by themselves. As a result, travel companies are not giving travel agents special packages to offer any more. This has caused a shift in how people book their holidays. Travellers no longer see why they should pay to have a travel agent book their holidays when they can quickly and easily do it themselves.

Of course, these travel agents have more working against them then just the internet. They also have to worry about the recession and the growing unrest in some of their most popular tourist destinations. Although the recession has not stopped people from traveling altogether, it has changed the way that they travel. Pair that with problems in Egypt, and it is easy to see why many travel agents are having a hard time keeping their doors open.

Last year, the well-known chain Bowen Travel Group had to close up shop. This was a huge deal because this chain actually had branches in more than 38 locations. With such a big group being put under so easily, it has others wondering what other big chains might end up closing their doors once and for all.

Take Thomas Cook, for example. This is one of the most well-known travel groups in all of Europe. That being said, Thomas Cook was forced to do a huge restructuring recently. This caused it to close more than 195 branches all over Europe. It even had to let go of more than 2,500 workers.

The ability for travellers to book their own holidays online is nothing new. In fact, travellers have been able to do this for years. Thanks to the latest recession, many of them had to re-evaluate how they book holidays. Most found out that they are able to save more money if they book holidays themselves. One thing is for sure, the travel industry has not seen the end yet of “do-it-yourself holidays.” More and more travellers will continue to switch to this form of booking as confidence in these online sites continues to improve.



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