Motorists across the UK continue to break the law despite crackdown

Speed CameraThere has been a notable increase in the number of tickets given to drivers for breaking motoring laws. Of course, experts do not think that people are necessary breaking the law more. They think that police are simply cracking down on motorists more. That being said, police in places like Scotland say that drivers continue to break the law.

This report from Scotland comes just after the area announced a huge four-day campaign to crack down on drivers. During this campaign, over 2,027 drivers all across Scotland were caught speeding. Out of this number, 12 were hit with dangerous driving charges, and 57 others were hit with careless driving.

Police in Scotland said that it is extremely frustrating that most motorists just simply do not seem to care. They were warned of this huge nationwide crackdown, yet people continued to test their luck by speeding around. Many motorists were even caught by speed camera vans, which are highly visible when driving. The police said that they issued some 700 tickets because of these speed vans.

To make matters even worse, some of the offenses included a motorcycle caught doing over 100 miles per hour. Others included drivers who were at least doing twice the speed limit. Although this campaign took place in Scotland, officers said it is like this all over the UK.

Of course, there may be some truth to what these officers are saying. Recently, a man who had been banned from driving was jailed after he lied to police about being his brother. The banned driver, Jason Swift, told police that he was his younger brother, Adam Swift, when he was pulled over in Tottenhoe. Jason Swift may have gotten away with this lie had it not been for his tattoo.

Apparently, an officer noticed a tattoo of his surname. After doing some checks, it was revealed that Adam Swift didn’t have any tattoos on him. The Luton Crown Court later ruled that Jason had prevented officers from carrying out their duties by lying about his identity. He was also hit with a number of other offenses. In this case, he was jailed for 10 months and given yet another driving ban.

If there is one thing that authorities and motorists do seem to agree on, it is the fact that people need fewer distractions while driving. In fact, a new survey from the Institute of Advanced Motorists found that at least 56% of motorists believe that smoking while driving needs to be banned, because it is too distracting for most motorists. That being said, 45% of people who took the survey believe that such a law would be unenforceable.

During the survey, 48% of motorists also said that they felt that smoking while driving was irresponsible. Not only that, but 46% said that they felt it is just as dangerous as being on a mobile phone. Simon Best, who is the chief executive of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, said that smoking is clearly seen as an issue by most motorists. They believe that it is one of the biggest distractions when someone is behind the wheel of a car.



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