Motorway Crash in Manila Leaves 22 People Dead

Manila, PhilippinesLately, there has been a lot of concern about safety conditions when travelling overseas. Brits want to know that they are safe when they visit other areas of the world. Unfortunately, these concerns were heightened after a bus crash in the Philippine capital of Manila led to the deaths of 22 people. This has a lot of British travellers wondering how safe they really are when they travel abroad.

According to emergency authorities in Manila, a commuter bus crashed early on Monday morning. It was speeding in poor weather conditions. This led to the driver of the bus losing control, crashing through a guardrail on an elevated motorway and landing on a delivery van below.

The final death count has not been made yet. At the time of this writing, rescue workers were still trying to pull some bodies from the wreckage. They had managed to pull at least a dozen bodies from the overturned bus, but there were still several people trapped inside. There are believed to be at least 20 people injured, and they were rushed to the local hospital for treatment.

The problem is that this accident is not shocking. In fact, the Philippines is well known for its extremely poor traffic safety record. A lot of this has to do with the outrageous lines of traffic that are found in its major cities. As the locals become sick of being stuck in traffic, people start to rush and end up causing accidents. This is unfortunate since the Philippines is a popular destination for British travellers.

According to the Asian Development Bank, there were nearly 1,900 people that were killed in road accidents in 2011 in the Philippines. These deaths were caused by more than 85,000 accidents in total. The most recent crash caused a ton of chaos in Manila. This is a city that has nearly 11.5 million people in it. The crash caused some major roads to be closed down, which led to even more traffic congestion.

Police said that they are still investigating just what caused the crash. That being said, eye witnesses have said that they saw the bus travelling at speeds of over 100 kph. This was dangerous because it is raining and still dark. One eye witness said that the bus passed her, and she was travelling at more than 80 kph. It was only minutes later that the bus fell off the highway and crashed down to the road below landing on a delivery truck.

This has also caused a lot of problems for Don Mariano Transport. This is the same company that owned the bus that crashed. The police have made the company halt all other services that are run by this transport company until they are fully investigated. The police say that this company has been involved in an unspecified number of road accidents since 2011. This is grounds for an investigation.

Brits are asked to use their best judgment when travelling to places like the Philippines. They need to be aware of road conditions and attempt to avoid travelling during the busiest times of the day. It is also important to only use the most trusted transportation systems when visiting the Philippines.



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