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MPG Car Rental Now Offering Tesla Model S Electric Car

Tesla Model STravellers looking for greener ways to get around can get what they need from MPG Car Rental. MPG has always offered a huge selection of eco-friendly cars, and now it is expanding that selection with the Tesla Model S. This is a brand new hybrid car that can be plugged in to recharge its battery. Once the juice from the battery runs out, the car switches over to run on gas.

To start with, this car will be available only in the Los Angeles area. This is due to the fact that the headquarters for MPG Car Rental is located at Venice Beach, California. However, Tesla has stated that if this deal goes well, it may start offering the Telas Model S to other car rental companies as well. This will give even more people a chance to go green and to do it in style.

By driving this car, travellers are lowering their carbon footprint by using less gas. By burning less fuel, they are releasing less greenhouse gases. According to workers at Tesla, the new Model S is able to use around the equivalent of 118 mpg on a road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Also, the workers say that the electric engine is much cleaner than any other traditional hybrid car on the market. To make things even better, this car is compatible with both 120-volt and 240-volt outlets. This means that you have the ability to plug this car up just about anywhere to recharge its battery.

Of course, just because the Model S is an electric hybrid does not mean that Tesla skipped out on all of the other upper-class features. This car still features things like keyless engine start and keyless entry into the vehicle. The car even has new doors that automatically open up as the driver approaches the car. Tesla prides itself on making the charge for the car as simple to use as a charger for a mobile phone.

MPG does not just offer the Tesla Model S for people who are looking to go green. They also have other eco-friendly cars like the Honda Insight, Chevy Volt, BMW i3 and even the Jetta TDI. Drivers are even allowed to test drive an electric car before renting. This way they can be sure that renting an electric car is prefect for them. Renters even have a chance to own their own electric car via the MPG Test Drive program. This service allows users to test drive a car and buy it from MPG Car Rental if they like it that much.

Of course, Tesla needs this good press right now. Just last week, a video went viral of a Model S catching fire. People on the Internet started to post the picture everywhere, which has turned people off from the Model S. After this video went viral, stock for the company dropped by 4 percent to $173.



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